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Frostbite Race and non-potluck nosh

Happy New year to everyone!

We had a great Frostbite Race! Winds were 5-10 and the temp might have reached 20F. We had approximately 22 people on 7 boats and 2 boat that had never raced before.

Congratulations to Jim Little and crew on a very well sailed race.
1. Jim Little, Holder 20
2. Billy Becker, Catalina 27
3. Carter Quillen, San Juan 21
4. Sam Shafer, J22
5. Tommy Willis, Pearson 26
6. Jeff Arnfield, Chrysler 26
7. Rod Fisher, Watkins 23XL

I would like to thank everyone who came out.

I would like to thank Billy Becker for bringing coffee and donuts for before the race.

I would also like to thank those who provided food and hot drinks on the deck for the Non-potluck nosh after the race; Jeff and Laura Arnfield for bringing the chicken and white bean chili, hot cider with rum, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and making hot water, Bill Murdoch for bringing cookies, cider, rum, and the electric kettle, and Josh and Tonya Hinkle for the potato soup.

We had a great time rehashing the race and catching up with some hot beverages and nosh.

We missed everyone that could not attend and hope to see you at future races.

Sam Shafer
Race Captain

Want more details of the bona fide badness? Check out the front page coverage by the Johnson City Press.  Or WJHL’s coverage (stills only).


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Next Mark – Frostbite Race Jan 1

Seasons Greeting WLSC Racers,
This the NOR (Notice of Race) for the New Year’s Day Frostbite Race.

New Year’s Day 01-01-2018

Prelude: Coffee and cookies on the deck at 11:00
Sign up online or on the deck by 12:30
Skippers meeting on the deck at 1:00 PM
Race Start 2:00 PM
Potluck on the deck between 4 and 5, depending on Race Conditions

This will be a pursuit race. The course will be around the Island and back. The staggered start times will be provided at the skippers meeting. If you are planning on racing please let Race Captain Sam Shafer know, sign up by replying by email and letting me know of your intent to race, so that I can work on the start times ahead of time. For those of you looking for crew or to be crew please let me know and pass the information along.

Reminder, it is each skippers own decision whether to participate or not. Skippers should take into consideration anticipated conditions, capabilities of boat and crew, skippers own skill and comfort level and any other considerations that the skipper deems pertinent to determine whether to participate in the Frostbite race and/or to continue racing once the Frostbite race has started.

The Race Captain encourages skippers and crew to wear life jackets as the water is getting cold.

Traditionally there has been a nosh after the race. This year we’ll start with a big pot of coffee, cocoa, and cookies before the race.

Commodore Bob Hebner says the post-race potluck will kick off with a supersized pot of chili for our main course. Bring any dish you like, your favorite recipe chili, savory hot soups, and of course desserts.

Sam Shafer

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Last Mark – Turkey Trot Race

We had 9 boats start the Turkey Trot Race, with 8 boats finishing. Congratulations to Tony Catoe and crew for picking up the win.

1 Tony Catoe
2 Jim Little
3 Rob Remmy
4 Billy Becker
5 Tommy Willis
6 Bob Heber
7 Jeff Arnfield
8 George Brown
DNF Todd Parrish

See attached 2017 Turkey Trot Race results sheet for start and finish times.

Hope to see everyone at the Frostbite Race on January 1, 2018.

Sam Shafer

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WLSC Summer Series 2017 Results


Congratulations to all the top racers of the Summer Series:
1st Place, John Rice and Crew
2nd Place, Marc Nachman and Crew
3rd Place, Tony Catoe and Crew

Here are the stats:

Racer Summer 2017 Place
John Rice 1000 1
Marc Nachman 821 2
Tony Catoe 760 3
Rob Remmee 613 4
Skip Green 607 5
Wayne Catoe 583 6
Bill Murdoch 440 7
Pritchett, Pat 375 8
Billy Becker 360 9
Ed, Sue Lockett 250 10
Warren Lamb 200 11
James Little 167 12
Dave Gurysh 160 13
Elizabeth Linebarger 120 14
Bob Hebner 80 15

Wet and Windy!

Another great Summer Race, a bit wet, but plenty of wind to give us the fastest race of the Summer!

Congratulations to the Top Racers:
1st Place, John Rice and Crew
2nd Place, James Little and Crew
3rd Place, Marc Nachman and Crew

Here are the stats:

Skipper PHRF Finish Time Elapsed Time Finish Place PHRF Place Minutes off Lead Boat
John Rice 144 10:45:46 AM 39:35.0 1 1 0.0
Little, James 183 10:49:08 AM 42:57.0 3 2 1.0
Nachman, Marc 102 10:46:19 AM 40:08.0 2 3 2.9
Catoe, Tony 202 10:53:50 AM 47:39.0 4 4 4.1
Rob Remme 181 10:54:57 AM 48:46.0 5 5 6.3

Summer Series #3
Congratulations to all for an amazing race event, and to the top 3 sailors:
1st Place John Rice and crew
2nd Place, Marc Nachman and crew
3rd Place, Skip Green and crew

Here’s the data:

PHRF Finish Time Elapsed Time Elapsed Sec Finish Place PHRF Place Minutes Off Lead boat
John Rice 144 12:01:07 0:55:07 3307 2 1 0
Nachman, Marc 102 12:01:06 0:55:06 3306 1 2 3.308743
Greene, Skip 123 12:04:26 0:58:26 3506 3 3 4.814116
Catoe, Wayne 186 12:15:15 1:09:15 4155 4 4 9.53605
Rob Remme 181 12:19:56 1:13:56 4436 5 5 14.11876
Lockett, Ed and Sue 184 12:27:34 1:21:34 4894 6 6 72.23206
Pritchett, Pat 183 12:57:45 1:51:45 6705 7 7 47.47394

Summer Series #2

Skipper Finish time (hh:mm:ss) Elapsed (hh:mm:ss) Elapsed (sec) Finish Place PHRF Place Minutes off Lead Boat
Billy Becker 12:22:07 1:16:07 4567 7 7 6.2
Catoe, Tony 12:18:29 1:12:29 4349 5 4 4.3
Hebner, Bob 12:33:37 1:27:37 5257 11 11 12.8
Elizabeth Linebarger 12:31:02 1:25:02 5102 10 10 10.7
Gurysh, Dave 12:22:13 1:16:13 4573 8 9 8.1
Lamb, Warren 12:23:45 1:17:45 4665 9 8 7.3
Greene, Skip 12:11:47 1:05:47 3947 3 5 5.2
Murdoch, Bill 12:20:50 1:14:50 4490 6 2 3.2
Nachman, Marc 12:08:21 1:02:21 3741 2 3 3.8
Rob Remme 12:18:17 1:12:17 4337 4 6 5.9
John Rice 12:08:18 1:02:18 3738 1 1 0
Todd Parrish

Summer Series #1
Tony Catoe & crew, 1st Place!
John Rice & crew, 2nd Place!
Wayne Catoe & crew, 3rd Place!

Finish times were as follows:
John Rice  11:32:10
Mark Nachamn  11:39:45
Pat Pritcheet  11:44:01
Rob Remme  11:39:10
Wayne Catoe  11:35:57
Tony Catoe 11:36:45
Billy Becker 11:47:47
Todd Parnish DNF

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2017 Race Results

From Race Captain Bob Hebner:

The 2017 Commodores Cup:

1st Place: Billy Becker and crew
2nd Place: Rob Remme and crew
3rd Place: Bill Murdoch and crew
4th Place: Dave Gurysh and crew
5th Place: Marc Nachman and crew

2017 Fall Series

A-Racers Series

First Place:Marc Nachman and crew
Second Place: Billy Becker and crew
Third Place: Wayne Catoe and crew

Performance Cruisers Series

1st Place: Rob Remme and crew
2nd Place: Bill Murcoch and crew
3rd Place:  Dave Gurysh and crew

An updated PDF 2017-Fall-4_CommodoresCup_2017-Fall-Series-Race-Stats is attached.

The 2017 Bill Murdoch Past Commodores Cup Challenge

Back in March, Skipper Sam Shafer and crew members James Little and Dean Isham accomplished a 40:24 circumnavigation of the island that starts and ends at the Lakeshore Marina buoy line.

“With 5-10 gusting 15, out of the wnw had a good reach down with the 155% and the full main, coming back up we could have used a reef in the main as we were way over powered and sailed up mainly under the 155 with the main flogging, made it all the way from the north side of the island to the finish line on one tack.”

Congratulations to Sam and crew for their winning time!

Again, a big thank you to everyone for their friendship, helpfulness, and understanding!

All the best,


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WLSC Officers 2018

Commodore – Bob Hebner
Vice Commodore – Monika Wiedmann
Race Captain – Sam Shafer
Cruise Captain – Billy Becker
Secretary – Robert Banks
Treasurer – Betsy Austin

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Greetings from Commodore Bob Hebner

Greetings to All WLSC Members!

First a huge thank-you to Anita for her coordination of a terrific Fall Meeting atop Roan Mountain at the Triple J Barn…a spectacular event to capstone two amazing years as Commodore!

Second, during the Meeting, WLSC elected an all new officer roster for 2018:

Commodore – Bob Hebner
Vice Commodore – Monika Wiedmann
Race Captain – Sam Shafer
Cruise Captain – Billy Becker
Secretary – Robert Banks
Treasurer – Betsy Austin

We’re all very excited about 2018 and we will doing our best to keep up the great work Anita and her team did over the last couple of years.

If you have any comments or ideas for your new officer team, please feel free to email me anytime.

And last but not least, for all you Race Fans, the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot race is next weekend:

Saturday 11/18/2017
Skippers Meeting at 12:00
Race Start: 1:00

Race Captain Sam, will be laying out Course and Start details at the Skippers meeting. If you’re looking for an opportunity crew and get out on the lake, come on down!
All the best and more to follow…

Commodore Bob

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Next Mark: Turkey Trot Race Nov 18

Greeting WLSC Racers,

This the NOR (Notice of Race) for the Turkey Trot Race.

Date:  Saturday 11-18-2017
Time:   Skippers meeting 12:00
Race Start 13:00

This will be a pursuit race.  The course, dependent on the wind, and staggered start times, dependent on the course, will be provided at the skippers meeting.

Hope to see everyone there.

Sam Shafer
WLSC Race Captain

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Fall Meeting Sat Nov 4

Fall Meeting – Nov 4th

Join us at Triple J Farm, Heaton Creek Rd, Roan Mtn TN

Awards, Elect new officers, Dinner

5:00 Social BYOB
6:00Fully Catered Meal $15.00 PP
7:00 Meeting


Cabins can be rented from Roan Mtn State Park $85.00 call the park to reserve.

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Oct 21-22: Race #4, Potluck, Commodore’s Cup

4th Series Fall Race
Oct 21 Saturday
First Horn 1:00
Race 2:00
After Race Fajita potluck $3.00 PP

Commodore’s Cup Race
Oct 22 Sunday
1:00 Race

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