Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2010-07-08

Voskian Challenge

I’ve started to add times to the Voskian Challenge.  We will award 1, 2, and 3 rd place trophies for the event.  So far only two results logged.

Send your times  with crew, boat name, boat type, and a description of wind if you want to:

I will adjust the time with the appropriate handicap.

Here is a note Kevin sent with his results!  Join the challenge/fun!

Hey James,
Skip and I sailed his J-24 on 4/24 in the Voskian Challenge race in a time of 39:53! Smokin’ fast! Gauntlet down!! We did it in steady 15 knot winds from the NW. Sailed a broad reach to round the island on the South side and tacked once to return to marina entrance- on a generous lift the whole way back.
I saw Russ and Gayle competing the same day and they had this ecstatic look on their faces- I bet they had some good times as well!

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