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Commodore’s Challenge Race

Crew Boat Actual Time PHRF Corrected Time Description Place
Kevin and Jennie Donovan Hunter 26.5 Virginia 2626 189 2646 Note 1
Mar 2, 2014
Russ   Veldman and Gayle McPherson Grampian 30 Second Wind 2806 195 2806 Note 2
Mar 2, 2014
  1. Jennie, Homer and myself ran a 43:46 today on Virginia. Winds at 10-15 mph mostly SW, with gusts from the west. Reefed main and full jib downwind and reefed head (100%) nd reefed main on the return leg. We had to tack 3 times on the return leg. If it can be done with a single tack, the time should be sub 40 minutes- we’ll try again!
  2. Russ and I took advantage of a marvelously sunny and windy Sunday afternoon to “throw down the gauntlet” to our fellow WLSC sailors.  With N to NW winds ranging mostly from 8 to 18 knts (we even saw a couple of gusts around 22knts), we sailed the course for the 2014 Lucas Challenge.  In fact, it was such a pretty day and the winds were so good that we sailed it 3 times!  Our first lap around the course, we crossed the tireline at about 12:30 and went around the north side of the island.  We saw a family of 3 bald eagles fishing and soaring around the east end of the island!  Our finish time was 55:04:28. On our second lap, we sailed around the south side of the island and finished in 49:37:47..  Lastly, as the winds were picking up some more, we went back around on the North side and finished in 46:46:31. We had no problems with depth at any point around the island, as the lake level appears to be rising.  A great day of beam reach sailing on a rare day of mostly steady afternoon winds on Watauga Lake!  We challenge everyone to get out and run this fun self-timed race in honor of our Past Commodore, Clarke Lucas.   Gayle and Russ

The Commodore Challenge for 2014 is named in honor of Clarke Lucas, former Commodore and a charter member of WLSC

See the following link for an initial time and instructions:


Here are the spreadsheets of  times from previous years:

Greene Challenge 2013
Middaugh Challenge 2012


  1. […] Meanwhile, Past Commodore John Middaugh and last year’s winner of the “Great Crew” award, wife Billie, have “thrown down the gauntlet” for the Middaugh Challenge.  They have posted an initial time for sailing from the marina entrance, around the island and back to complete the Commodore’s Challenge, this year named for John, who was Commodore of the club in 1983.  Anyone can run the Challenge as many times as you’d like.  Just record your time on the course and report it back to me.  For more details about the Middaugh Challenge, check out our club website: […]

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