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WLSC: 2012 Events Calendar

Greetings all!

There is a link below to the 2012 WLSC Events Calendar!


As you can see, your Officers have planned lots of events this year, including some old favorites and a few that we will be trying out for the first time!  With the exception of June and July, we have made an effort to only plan things on alternating weekends so that you’ll have ample time to enjoy private time on your boat, as well as have lots of opportunities to interact with other club members.

There are several other events “in the works” which will be added to the calendar later, but they will, for the most part, be a part of the weekends already scheduled.  We’re hoping to offer a wide range of sailing related activities for adults and kids, racers, cruisers and day sailors.  We plan to keep the most current version of the calendar on our website:

and I encourage you to check it often for the latest happenings!  And, as always, you will receive e-mails to inform and remind you.

The Officers were all very interested in having a series of brief “seminars” this summer to help enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the lake and of their boats, especially some of us who are new to sailing.  A few that have been mentioned: man-overboard training/practice,  quick and easy cooking on your boat,  winterizing your boat, how and where to anchor on Watauga Lake,  mixing tasty frozen cocktails on the dock ;), how to spot wear and tear on your boat, and how to handle emergency situations with your boat.  We would love to hear more suggestions and will be recruiting volunteers with knowledge of these topics to lead the discussions on the dock.

I admit that this is an ambitious schedule, and it may turn out that we cancel an event here or there for lack of interest.  But I’m hoping that everyone will find something that they will enjoy.  I would especially love to see those members who don’t participate as much to come on out and enjoy the many benefits of being a part of the Watauga Lake Sailing Club!

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions!  Hope to see you all on March 3rd and/or 4th for the “Blahs Party Weekend!”

Commodore Gayle McPherson

Watauga Lake Sailing Club

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