Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-02-21

Watauga Lake Sailing Club Racing News: February 21, 2012

Hard to believe it’s been almost two months since our exciting Frostbite Race on January 1!  I’m happy to report that Jeff McKamey is doing well and has made great progress in repairing the damage his O’Day sustained during the race.  For those of you who missed the excitement, or if you just want to relive a little bit of the race, you can check out these links:

The official race results for the Frostbite Race and for all of 2011 (and other previous years) can be found on our website at:

Meanwhile, Past Commodore John Middaugh and last year’s winner of the “Great Crew” award, wife Billie, have “thrown down the gauntlet” for the Middaugh Challenge.  They have posted an initial time for sailing from the marina entrance, around the island and back to complete the Commodore’s Challenge, this year named for John, who was Commodore of the club in 1983.  Anyone can run the Challenge as many times as you’d like.  Just record your time on the course and report it back to me.  For more details about the Middaugh Challenge, check out our club website:

As we look forward to the upcoming race season, I am looking for volunteers to serve on the Race Committee.  The committee will meet in a few weeks (tentatively, March 17) to finalize the calendar and format of the races, to plan for our spring race clinic and to discuss any other issues related to our racing program.  ANY GUY OR GAL WHO IS INTERESTED IN RACING is encouraged to volunteer for the committee.  Captains may be asked to serve as Committee Boat for at least one race.  I plan to hold a Committee Boat training session along with the Race Clinic (scheduled for March 31).

Finally, if you think you might want to race your boat this year, I ask that you help me out by sending me: the make and type of your vessel (ex: Catalina 320 WK), the name of your boat and the sail number, if any.  Also, please research the PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) number for your boat.  Find your boat on the US Sailing Club Website: and

let me know the “Mean of Reported Base Handicaps” for your boat.  With this information, I can get a good start on putting our roster together prior to the first race.

Thanks to all of you and I look forward to a great race season!

Russ Veldman, Race Captain


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