Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-07-17

Rimshot in Her New Home

I want to thank everyone who helped get Rimshot’s mast down and bundled up for transport to Nashville this last weekend. Those who were there know and have my sincere thanks. That is my way of not missing someone. But I do want to thank Jeff Arnfeld for the use of his trailer and, most of all, Paul and Jo for going way beyond the call of duty.

The new owner, Todd Jarrell was blown away by everyone’s willingness to help and friendliness. We really do have a special group of people in this outfit. By the way, Todd has more than 55,000 miles at sea in square riggers and is a member of the Cape Horn Club. Todd and Tammy Swift, i think Rimshot is in good hands. She’s a great boat.

Thanks Everyone for all the help and for making Todd and his brother Brad so welcome.

Bill Smith
“Changes In Attitude,” or as Gayle calls her, “Bill’s Burger Barge.”


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