Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-07-19

Saturday July 21: Last Summer Fun Race 2012!

Ahoy Sailors!

Saturday morning, July 21, will be the last of the 4 Summer Fun Race Series.  Sue Lockett will be serving as Race Captain in my stead as Gayle and I will be in Chicago for my daughter Kristen’s wedding.  Please give her your utmost cooperation and assistance for this FUN RACE!

Skipper’s meeting will be at 8:30 a.m. with ONE HORN blown at approximately 9:00 a.m.  The course will be determined by the Race Captain and announced at the meeting.  This will be a staggered start race, with start times based on PHRF handicap.  Please check your start time below:

Start time:  2 Minutes after horn. (PHRF 257-274): Precision 18

Start time:  3 Minutes after horn. (PHRF 239-256): Tanzer 22, MacGregor 25, O ‘Day 272, Chrysler 26

Start time:  4 Minutes after horn. (PHRF 221-238): Ideal 18, Catalina 27, Pearson 26, Balboa 26, Cal 27, Hunter 27

Start time:  5 Minutes after horn. (PHRF 203-220): Beneteau 31, Hunter 26.5, Catalina 30, Irwin 30, Catalina 270, San Juan 28, Hunter 28, Grampian 30

Start time:  6 Minutes after horn. (PHRF 185-202): Tartan 30, Hunter 30, Catalina 32

Start time:  7 Minutes after horn. (PHRF 167-184): J24, Catalina 36

If you do not have a boat or just wish to crew with someone else, please be at the Skipper’s meeting at 8:30 to be assigned to a boat.  In this case it would be helpful for you to bring along your own life jacket or other PFD.

I wish you fair winds on Saturday morning!  Gayle and I will look forward to hearing tales about the race when we are back on the dock next weekend!

Russ Veldman, Race Captain



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