Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-08-02

Dog Owners on Lakeshore Dock Please Read!!!

Good morning!  I am forwarding you this e-mail from a concerned Club member.  If you own a dog, PLEASE make sure that you take care of its needs appropriately!  I assume, as in most things concerning Lakeshore, that having a pet on the dock is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT!  As with all privileges, if enough people complain to management about this, it may result in a complete banning of pets from the dock.  None of us want to see our canine club members be excluded, so PLEASE be considerate of other folks and pay more attention to your pets!  Thanks in advance for attending to this problem!


I’ve been doing my water aerobics back at the lake & monday the smell of dog poop was disgusting it was so strong.  Even by the 1st boats you could smell it.  YUCK!  Today was much better, but 3 days & rain after the weekend helped, I’m sure.  I know there are bags for doggie poop on the board as you come down to the dock; I have yet to see anyone use them.  Could you please remind the dog owners to clean up after the pets?  If they don’t want to do it with their dog each time (many just wander off) maybe all dog owners could take turns @ poop patrol, esp Sat & Sun as those are heavier use days.

Not only is it gross, it is also a health hazard, esp for the younger kids that usually swim right by the ramp/dock.  As the feces decompose it runs down right into that water and there isn’t much flow to distribute it.  And younger ones are more vulnerable to e coli & other nasty stuff.  Plus most of us do swim @ the dock…YUCK!  And it does draw flies..

I don’t remember it being this bad before”


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