Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-08-09

Dam Picnic, Raft-up & METEORS!!!

Hello All!
Just a reminder that the Dam Picnic and Raft-up that got postponed from last Saturday will be held this Saturday, August 11.  Hopefully everyone who wasn’t available last weekend will be able to join in the fun this Saturday.  An extra BONUS….Clarke Lucas says there’s to be a METEOR SHOWER on Saturday night after midnight, with perfect views of the northeast sky from the buoy line at the dam…let’s cross our fingers for a clear sky!
One more time…the description of the event from Bill Murdoch is below…
To view pics of some previous picnics, go to:
If you’d like to attend the picnic but don’t have a ride, please let me know before Saturday afternoon.
Call me if necessary…423-571-1654
Hope to see you all there!
Dam Picnic and Overnight Raft Up

We have done this event a few times before and it was a hit each time.  On Saturday August 11 around noon we will set up a buoy line across the cove just beyond the dam.  After you have had a nice Saturday afternoon sail, come over and tie up.  If you have a dinghy, bring it.  Around 5:30 we will use the dinghies to move everyone over to the nearby shore.  From there we will walk ¼ mile up an abandoned construction railroad and the Appalachian Trail to the top of the Watauga Lake Dam for a picnic supper.  Bring something to eat and drink.  (Remember it is TVA property, and we have been cautioned about alcoholic beverages.)  There are no tables and no shade, but a picnic blanket, a hat, and some sunscreen will fix that problem.  The views from the top of the dam are great.  On one side you can see the river disappear into the power tunnel only to emerge from the two turbines at the power house on the headwaters of Wilbur Lake.  On the other side you have Watauga Lake spread out before you.  The dam top is not easily accessible from the Visitor Center, so going with us will save you from a few miles of hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  We will keep the buoy line up for the night for those who choose to stay.  Pack something for breakfast and spend the night with us.  We will see you there!



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