Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-09-06

WLSC Racing News

Greetings All Sailors!

Thanks to all who came out to participate in this past weekend’s fun races!  In spite of having 9 boats participate, the Saturday morning race turned into a non-event as there was barely enough wind to get us past the Captain’s Table in less than an hour!   Sunday morning was better with a nice leg to the island mark, then a slower downwind run.  Congratulations to James Little and Rob Fannon in Knot for Long who finished first, followed closely by Kevin and Jennie Donovan in Virginia.  Wayne Catoe and crew in Bad Habit came in third.  Condolences to John Middaugh, who blew out his jib on the last leg to the finish, but thanks to Monika Wiedmann for climbing the mast afterwards to assist with repairs!

This Saturday morning, September 8th, will be the first race of the Fall Series.  We will follow the same format as the spring series, with captain’s meeting at 8:30 and the first horn for the “A” racers at 9:00.  The first horn for the “Performance Cruisers” will be at approximately 9:06.  In addition, we will have a second race for the Performance Cruisers at 2:00 p.m. (captain’s meeting at 1:30).  We will record both the morning and afternoon times, but only “count” the best of the two for the purpose of determining the Fall Series Performance Cruiser winner.  I encourage “A” racers to crew with the less experienced captains in the afternoon race in order to assist them in improving their skills, thus benefiting our entire racing fleet.

If we have to call either Saturday race due to lack of wind, we will attempt to hold a “make-up” race on Sunday afternoon.  Captain’s meeting at 2:00, first horn at 2:30.  Otherwise, if there are enough racers on the dock, we’ll have a fun race with a staggered start instead.

Reminder: In order to qualify for an award, you MUST participate in at least 3 of the scheduled Fall Series races!

I still need volunteers to serve as committee boat for the Fall Series.  If you are a member of the race fleet and did not serve in the spring, please volunteer now.  Race dates are September 8, 22, Oct. 6 and 20.  Wayne Catoe has volunteered for October 20.  Instruction will be provided to anyone who is volunteering for the first time.

As the fall winds move in, I encourage everyone to try the “Middaugh Challenge”.  This is the self-timed sail from the Lakeshore Marina harbor entrance, around the island and back.  Complete instructions can be found on our website:  Gayle and I currently hold the lead, but won’t mind being bested by one of our fellow sailors!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!

Russ Veldman, Race Captain


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