Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-09-23

Two Winds!

At the race Saturday we had a very unusual start. When the A racers started at 9:06 AM we had a very light wind from the NE. It was just enough wind to
barely move the boats. We started toward the Observatory and barely got
across the start line when we started having a lot of trouble setting our
sails. Normally one looks at the wind vane and sets his sails accordingly.
That did not work Saturday. The wind vane would show one direction and the
sails set them selves in the other. Then the when vane would set in the
other direction. So we shifted our sails accordingly and they would back
wind. UGH what a day ! This went on for close to half an hour. Some boats
slowly eased off in the correct direction. Others set. Guess who set.!
Finally the SW wind set in, and we started toward the Observatory.

It did not dawn on me till we got back to the dock what was happing. In 30
years of sailing on Watauga I have never seen that happen. I believe we
happen to be in the spot of two wind fronts. A cool one from the NE and a
warm front from the SW. The warm front from the SW over rode the cool one
from the NE giving us a two layer wind. The upper SW wind about 50 feet
above the cool NE wind. That is why the wind vane show one direction and
the sails reacted to the lower wind.

Frontal winds meeting is not unusual, it happens all the time. It is just that we happen to be in the spot where it occurred on this Saturday morning.
Ah, the great pleasures of sailing on Watauga Lake. There is nothing like

Happy Sailing, John Middaugh


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