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WLSC Racing News Oct 12, 2012

Hello Sailors!

In spite of threatening skies, we had a great turnout for our third fall race on October 6!  A total of 5 A-Racers and 8 Performance Cruisers took part in a typical Watauga Lake race with winds of all speeds coming from every direction over the course of the race.  Thanks to the Catoes for Committee Boat duties.

Skip Greene and crew on Knot 4 Long once again dominated the A- League, though Kevin and Jennie Donovan on Virginia threatened near the finish, closing within 31 seconds of the winners.  A special congratulations to our youngest racers, Greyson Moody and Nick Catoe, who had a respectable finish in Greyson’s MC Scow.

A Racer Results (all times PHRF Corrected, hh:mm:ss):

1. Greene, Knot 4 Long, 45:39:00

2. Donovan, Virginia, 46:10:00

3. Veldman, Second Wind, 59:45:00

4. Middaugh, Watauga Lady, 1:05:56

5. Moody, Knot Kidding,  1:10:03

Clarke Lucas and Katie Bruce-Smith blew the hatches off the rest of the PC Class, finishing the one lap course in 1:06:10 in My Love 2. A big Congratulations to Tommy Willis, who finished his first race ever on his 22′ Chrysler, TaKeela!  Great to have you in the fleet!!!  Also good to have Bobby Linebarger, Octavio Pinell,  and John Smith back racing with us!

Performance Cruiser Results (times PHRF corrected, hh:mm:ss):

1. Lucas, My Love 2, 1:06:10

2. Gurysh, Calico Skies, 1:10:39

3. Pinell, Jamrat, 1:18:29

4. Nachman, Whispering Eye, 1:21:21

5. Lockett, Alabama Girl, 1:25:24

6. Linebarger, Time Out, 1:30:37

7. Smith, John, Orion, 1:32:17

8. Willis, TaKeela, 1:46:59

The last race of the fall series will be next Saturday morning, Oct. 20, Captain’s Meeting at 8:30 a.m., first horn for A-Racers @ 9:00 A.M.  Pancakes Breakfast following the race!

And, don’t miss the Commodore’s Cup Race on Sunday, October 21 at 2:00 P.M.    Format to be announced by the Commodore (currently laid up with a dislocated shoulder!!!).  Bring your best “game” and crew and compete to take home the “Big One” to grace your mantle for the coming year!  Covered dish dinner on the dock after the race!

Last year’s winner, Mike Farthing, receives the Cup from Commodore Mark Galloway at last year’s Fall Meeting:

See you next weekend!!!!


Russ Veldman, Race Captain



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