Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2012-10-23

Octavio Pinell, Two Attempts of Middaugh Challenge Oct 10, 2012

[Editor’s Note, Octavio’s run that day placed him in 3rd place, quite a challenge with winds that day!]

Hi Sailors! 
On October 10th 2012, Wednesday, we ran the Commodore Challenge Race twice.  I had my Catalina Capri 22 with my crew, Dr. Scott Janus.  Winds were predicted to be 13 knots that day and it was my last chance to do the race this season in good wind because of my schedule. 
First try, winds were 10 to 15 knots with gusts between 20 and 25, cloudy skies, with occasional misty rain.  Winds out of the west.  We took the course over the south side of the island with an average speed of 5 plus knots downwind but we went too close to the east end of the island and hit an area of no wind and probably lost 3 minutes there.  On the way back, we had less than optimal control of the boat, with water slightly going into the cabin on 3 occasions and making unwanted 360’s, also on about 3 occasions.  We had to tack several times before hitting tire line entrance.  The time was 1 hour, 2 minutes and 56 seconds.
Our second try went well downwind, but this time we took the north side of the island, missed the dead pocket behind it and had our sails reefed.  Winds were approximately 3 to 5 miles faster this second time.  On the way back we had much better control of the boat.  Did not make any 360’s and were able to get to the buoy line with much fewer tacks.  Time was 55 minutes, 13 seconds.  
I’m glad we learned something from our mistakes, but it was fun.
Octavio Pinell

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