Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2013-04-28

First Spring Race and Watauga Lake Clean Up


Ahoy Sailors!
We had a great weekend on the dock doing what we love: sailing, eating, and hanging out with our pals!
First Spring Race:
Congratulations again to Kevin Donovan and Paul Poulakis on their wins in the A-Class and Performance Cruisers.  I’m especially proud of Paul, who has come so far from two years ago when his initial goal was simply to make it across the start line before the race was over!  Thanks also to Marc Nachman, Russ Veldman, and Billy and Sue Becker for committee boat duties.
Race Captain Dave Gurysh, who is on his way to Florida, asked me to post these corrections to his previous e-mail: 
New member Jimmie Carroll was crew aboard Clarke Lucas’ My Love 2 in his first ever race.  With Jimmie’s assistance, Clarke sailed to a second place in the PC class.  According to Clarke, Jimmie “worked his butt off”…I’m sure he learned a lot from Clarke as well.
Mark Lemons actually crewed with Mike Farthing, not Clarke, and came in 4th in the A class.
And Billie Middaugh, in addition to the Beckers, was indispensible in flipping those post-race pancakes!
Many thanks to everyone who helped with the clean-up day, including:
Patti Gurysh who did preliminary cleaning and inspection of the bathhouse
Danielle Catoe for laundering the shower curtains in the bathhouse
Billy and Sue Becker for cleaning the ladies’ side of the bathhouse
Sue Becker for cleaning out and re-organizing the dock box
Russ Veldman for bringing his pressure washer
and, most of all, to
Sam and Wanda Howie, who skipped the race in order to do “trash barge” duties. They collected 10 bags full of trash and 2 discarded tires from the cove.  This, by far, was the biggest and dirtiest effort of the day and, on behalf of everyone in the Club, a big THANK YOU for cleaning out an area that we all use and enjoy!
Our next events will be May 4th when we have the 2nd Spring Race in the morning and the first ever “30 Plus Regatta” for the big boats in the afternoon.  Greg Robins will also be on the dock in the afternoon to give more information about the proposed BVI’s cruise for next year.
Hope to see you all then!
Commodore Gayle

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