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Results of Spring Race #3 on May 27, 2013

Ahoy Racers!

 Under sunny skies and with 8-10 kt easterly winds, a total of 12 boats completed the 3rd Race of the Spring Series.  

 In the A-Racer class, congrats go to Skip Greene on the J24 with new crew mates Rick Kiser and Bobby Linebarger for capturing first place; they recovered quickly from a little late start and had a flawless race the rest of the way including flying the spinnaker.  Kevin Donovan and crew mate Jennie finished a respectable second on the Hunter 26.5, and Tony Catoe and his young crew mates finished third on his father’s Hunter 30.  John Middaugh and new crew mate Todd Hunt on the Catalina 30 walked away from yours truly Catalina 27 on the final leg to capture fourth place.

 The PC racers had a very competitive race with the first four boats finishing the race within 57 seconds of each other head-to-head.  Congrats go to Clarke Lucas for his first win of the Spring season along with crew mate Jason Greer.  Paul Poulakis and crew mate Jeff McKamey on the Tartan 30 had another good race by finishing second at 3 minutes behind Clarke.  New racer Pat Pritchett raced his Holder 20 for the first time and did a great job to capture third place, only 57 seconds corrected time behind Paul.  Ed Lockett on the Catalina 32 with crew mates Sue, Jack, and Rosemary captured fourth place, only 6 seconds behind Pat on corrected time.  It must have been fun for Russ and Gayle to watch the action from the committee boat.

 Thanks much to Russ and Gayle for handling the committee boat duties and setting out the marks again.  And thanks to all who helped prepare the delicious post-race breakfast, including Patty Greene, Patti Gurysh, Kathy Linebarger, Billy and Sue Becker, and Jo.  Sorry if I left someone out.

 Race Results:

A-Racers Class:                     Elapsed time                 Corrected time

 1st        Skip Greene                  1:01:11                         3323 sec

2nd       Kevin Donovan             1:08:03                         3515

3rd       Tony Catoe                   1:07:23                         3571

4th        John Middaugh             1:19:47                         4073

5th        Dave Gurysh                 1:22:46                         4230

PC Class:

 1st        Clarke Lucas                 1:13:45                         3664 sec

2nd       Paul Poulakis                1:14:42                         3843

3rd       Pat Pritchett                  1:13:57                         3897

4th        Ed Lockett                     1:14:40                         3903

5th        Bill Smith                        1:22:07                         4159

6th        Todd Swift                      1:22:30                         4245

7th        Marc Nachman              1:25:26                         4521

Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain

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