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Results of Spring Race #4 on June 1, 2013

Ahoy Racers!,

 Under beautiful sunny skies (as confirmed in Sue Lockett’s pictures) and with 8 kt southeast winds, a total of 10 boats completed the 4th Race of the Spring Series.

 In the A-Racer class, Skip Greene on the Knot For Long captured his second win of the season in an elapsed time of 67:05, with help from crew mates Rob, Bobby, and James who just returned from a 2 month cruise/sail to southern Florida.  Sue’s pics show the J24 spinnaker set really well, so congrats go to Skip and his crew.  It was nice to see Wayne Catoe on the Hunter 30 back in action after experiencing some unfortunate luck in the first two races of the Spring.  Wayne and crew mates Danielle, Tony, and his friend made a good run to take 2nd place, flying the big French-flagged spinnaker to the leeward mark.  Yours truly on Calico Skies with crew mates Matt and Monika flew the spinnaker for the first time this year to edge out Kevin Donovan by a mere 7 seconds corrected time to take 3rd place.  Pretty exciting to be in a close race with Kevin and crew mate Commodore Gayle.

 In the PC class, congrats go to Clarke Lucas and crew mates Katie and Jake in capturing their second win of the season on the Balboa 26 My Love II in an elapsed time of 1:22:29.  Another steady performance by Paul Poulakis on the Tartan 30 to take 2nd place with help from crew mate Jeff.  Marc Nachman flew his colorful spinnaker on the Catalina 36 to take 3rd place with the help of Billy and his normal crew.  Special recognition goes to newcomer Pat Pritchett who single-handed his Holder 20 and was way out in front, but unfortunately rounded the wrong leeward mark and then essentially ran an extra leg by returning to the proper mark before finishing to take 4th place.

 Thanks much to Ed and Sue Lockett for handling the Committee Boat and to Sue for another great job on the camera.  Great pictures!

 And thanks to Patty, Kathy, and Patti for planning and preparing the delicious breakfast after the race.

 Race Results:

 A-Racers:                                   Elapsed Time                Corrected Time

1st   Skip Greene                         1:07:05                         3644 sec

2nd  Wayne Catoe                     1:14:07                         3927

3rd   Dave Gurysh                     1:17:54                         3982

4th   Kevin Donovan                1:17:13                         3989

 PC Racers:

1st   Clarke Lucas                      1:22:29                         4098 sec

2nd   Paul Poulakis                   1:24:05                         4326

3rd   Marc Nachman               1:29:19                         4726

4th   Pat Pritchett                     1:31:01                         4797

5th   Todd Swift                         1:33:22                         4804

6th   Bill Smith                           1:35:39                         4845

 Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain

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