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WLSC 2013 Spring Racing Series Results

Ahoy WLSC Racers!

Thanks for supporting the WLSC Spring Racing Series through your excellent participation.  For the 4 races, we had 12,11,12, and 10 captains sign up at the Skipper meetings which was a very good turnout. The wind conditions were pretty good for Spring racing and one race even had some very challenging 20-30 kt winds. 

Congratulations to Skip Greene who captured 1st place for the Spring Series in the A-Racer class!  Skip and crew finished strong by winning the last two races.  Kevin Donovan started the series with a great win in the first race, but in the last two races had a slight disadvantage without use of a spinnaker in the lighter winds.  Congrats to Kevin for earning 2nd place with a strong Batting avg.  Yours truly benefitted by the misfortunes of missed races by Wayne, Mike, and John to capture 3rd place.  But my crew still worked hard!

A-Racers:     Boat   Batting Avg.

1st   Skip Greene          J24                          .929
2nd  Kevin Donovan  Hunter 26.5         .900
3rd  Dave Gurysh        Catalina 27TM     .600

  Wayne Catoe  Hunter 30  (a)
  Mike Farthing  Catalina 27 (a)
  John Middaugh   Catalina 30TM (a)

(a) Not eligible due to missing 2 or more races
Congratulations to both Clarke Lucas and Paul Poulakis for tying for 1st place for the Spring Series in the PC class!  Paul won the first two races and Clarke won the last two races, and their best 3-race Batting Average was identical at .944!!  Special recognition to Paul for coming out of nowhere this Spring and capturing first or second places in all 4 races.  Congrats also to Marc Nachman for taking 3rd place in the PC class, with a very good run in the strong winds of race 2, and a good run in race 4.

Performance Cruisers:  Boat   Batting Avg.

1st Tied  Clarke Lucas  Balboa 26      .944
1st Tied Paul Poulakis  Tartan 30      .944
3rd  Marc Nachman     Catalina 36    .750

4th Tied Ed Lockett     Catalina 320   .500
4th Tied Bill Smith       Catalina 30TM .500
6th  Todd Swift              Hunter 28          .421
  Bobby Linebarger Catalina 34 (a)
  Pat Pritchett             Holder 20  (a)
Perfect attendance recognition goes to 6 skippers and crew who participated (including Committee boat) in all 4 races, as follows: Kevin Donovan, Clarke Lucas, Paul Poulakis, Marc Nachman, Bill Smith, and yours truly.

So the table is set for a competitive and fun Fall Race Series.  But next are some Summer FUN races for which I will put out a schedule within the next week.  You all are invited to join in on the fun!

Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain

2013 Spring Season Champs

2013 Spring Race #4 ==> Results  Pictures1  Pictures 2  June 1

2013 Spring Race #3 ==> Results

2013 Spring Race #2 ==> Results

2013 Spring Race #1 ==>  Results   Pitures  April 20th


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