Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2013-07-31


Ahoy you rusty WLSC Racers!

 Due to two (2) FUN Races being cancelled in July due to rainy weather, a make-up FUN Race will be held this Saturday August 3 at 9:30 am, as follows:

 –  A Skippers meeting will be held at 8:45 am on the docks 

 –  The race will be a staggered start beginning at 9:30 am from the normal start pin to around the island and back to the start/finish line.  

 –  Start times based on boat handicap will be advised at the Skippers meeting.

 –  If the winds are very light in the morning, we may delay the race to say 12:00 or 1:00 pm latest which will still give plenty of time to get over to Bill’s buoy line for the dam picnic in the late afternoon.

 So come on out and sharpen your racing skills.  Note: the first race of the Fall Racing Series will be on Sept 7, only 5 weeks away.

 See ya on the docks on Saturday morning at 8:45 am,

 Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain


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