Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2013-08-20

FUN Race Results from Saturday August 17

Ahoy Sailors!
Under sunny skies and perfect 70F temp, seven captains and crew participated in a FUN race of two laps to the island mark and back to the start/finish line.  It was white-capping on the lake for much of the race, providing a great morning of racing with 10-15 kt winds.  With staggered starts, it took Skip, James, and Nathan over 60 minutes on the J24 to catch Paul’s Tartan 30 and then finish first by ~60 secs.  Paul has been out practicing in the great winds over the past week so his boat is clean and race ready; good work by his crew mates Doug and Tom too.  Kevin, Jennie, and Homer on the Hunter 26.5 nipped the Bill Smith’s Catalina 30 boat by 20 seconds to capture third place.  Bill was having so much fun on “the Burger” in the steady wind that he and crew mates Kip and Dan stayed out another 3 hours on the lake.  Monica and yours truly took turns on the helm of the Catalina 27 Calico Skies and coasted in with fifth place.  Bill Tingle and John Smith join forces on the Precision 18 to handle the steady brisk winds.  New member Tony Catoe and his full crew got off to a great start in his newly purchased Pearson 30 and clearly showed that he will be a contender; unfortunately they had to head back to the docks after a stay broke loose from the spreader ten minutes into the race. 
Thanks much to Clarke for setting and retrieving the island mark from his motor boat on his way to/from the paddle board race at Pioneer Landing.
So it was a great day to be out racing on the lake and to practice mark rounding in advance of the first Fall Series race on September 7.
Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain


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