Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2013-09-07

Reminder of 1st Race of Fall Series and 30 Plus Regatta on Saturday Sept 7

Hello WLSC Racers! 
This is a reminder for two WLSC racing events that are planned this Saturday Sept 7, as follows:
1st Fall Series Race:
  • At 9:15 am, Skippers meeting on the docks.  Please be on time as I would like to review a couple Racing Rules.
  • At 10:00 am, first horn at the starting line for the 1st Fall Race, with Wayne Catoe acting as Committee Boat.
30 Plus Regatta Race:
  • At 1:15 pm, Skippers meeting on the docks
  • At 2:00 pm, first horn for the 30 Plus Regatta Race
–  This race is for 30 ft or longer sailboats
–  This will be the 2nd 30 Plus Regatta this year; others were cancelled last Spring due to bad weather.  We will try to have three 30 Plus Regattas this Fall.
–  Captains and crew from smaller boats are welcome and encouraged to crew on participating boats in the 30 Plus Regatta
–  Captains in the 30 Plus Regatta can make their own arrangements for crew, or they can pick available crew “from a hat” during the Skippers meeting
–  Boat PHRF handicaps will not be applied, and spinnakers are not be allowed in this race
–  There will not be a Committee Boat for 30 Plus Regatta races
The forecast for Saturday currently shows sunny weather with 6 mph winds, so hopefully the wind will pick up some and be really nice for both of the above racing events.  So come on out and join in on the fun. 
See ya at the Skippers meeting at 9:15pm,
Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain

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