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Results of Fall Race #1 on Sept 22

Ahoy Racers!

After several cancellations either due to very light winds or rain, we were able to complete the 1st race of the Fall Series on Sunday afternoon Sept 22.  A total of 10 boats including 2 new racers participated in the race.  Light SW winds got most of the racers off to a late start, with yours truly at least 5 minutes late to the line.  The winds on the downwind leg to the island were light for the first half with several boats flying spinnakers, and then the wind freshened as we approached the leeward mark.  The final leg back to the finish line included several wind shifts from SW to NW, attributing to several position changes on the way to the finish line.
In the A-Racer class, Skip Greene on the J24 captured first place with an elapsed time of 1:43:27.  Congrats to Skip and crew for the win, and for the great job on the windward leg to the finish line.  Kevin Donovan’s Hunter 26.5 stayed close to the J24 all the way to the leeward mark, and then took second place, beating yours truly on the Cat 27 by ~4 mins corrected time. 
In the PC class, it came down to a sprint to the finish line with 3 boats finishing within 4 seconds of each other.  Congrats go to Clarke Lucas and crew for capturing first place on the Balboa 26 with an elapsed time of 2:13:42. Ed Lockett and his solid crew on the Cat 320 took second place by 47 sec corrected time over the Capri 25 helmed by Geoff Patterson.  A good first race for new racers Geoff and Heather, capturing third place by a mere 5 seconds corrected time over the Tartan 30 helmed by Paul Poulakis.  Paul and his crew in turn edged out Marc Nachman’s Cat 36 by 35 seconds corrected time to capture fourth place.  It was nice to see Todd Hunt join us for this Fall Series race on his Hunter 31 and to see Bill Smith and crew fly the spinnaker on his Cat 30 for the first time in a Series race.
Nice to see new members Kyndy Boyle and her husband join us for racing, as they crewed on Marc’s Cat 36.
Race Results:
A-Racers: Elapsed Time Corrected Time (via PHRF)
1st   Skip Greene 1:43:27 5617 sec
2nd  Kevin Donovan 1:58:19 6112
3rd   Dave Gurysh 2:03:57 6336
PC Racers:
1st   Clarke Lucas 2:13:42 6642 sec
2nd   Ed Lockett 2:13:39 6985
3rd   Geoff Patterson    2:12:21 7032
4th   Paul Poulakis 2:16:46 7037
5th   Marc Nachman 2:13:38 7072
6th   Todd Hunt 2:21:05 7317
7th   Bill Smith 2:28:24 7577
Note: the above corrected times were determined via hand calculator; the official computer results should be available for posting on the WLSC website by Saturday.  I will advise then if there are any necessary corrections to above results.
Thanks much to John and Billie Middaugh for handling Committee Boat duties, including two separate trips to set marks.  Thanks also to Tony Catoe, Kevin Donovan, and Skip Greene for retrieving marks, and to Clarke Lucas for replacing the 100 ft of line on a mark for the second time this year.
NEXT RACES: 10:00 am Saturday October 5 Fall Series Race #3
2:00 pm Saturday October 5 30 Plus Race #3
2:00 pm Sunday October 6 Fall Series Race #2 (make-up race from Sept 21)
45 minutes before all races Skippers meeting on the docks 
Note:  Only 5 weeks remain (until Oct 31) for posting results for “The Greene Challenge”, so pick a windy day and head out to the island.
Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captai

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