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Results of Fall Races #2 and #3 Oct 5 & 6

Ahoy Racers!

 We were able to catch up on the Fall Series race schedule by completing two races over the past weekend.  Make-up race #2 was completed on Saturday morning with good easterly winds for the first hour of the race; then the winds died around 11:30am making it difficult for several boats to finish the final leg.  A great turnout with a record number (14) of boats participating in the race!  In the A-Racers class, congrats go to Skip Greene and his J24 crew for capturing first place in an elapsed time of 54 minutes.  Tony Catoe and crew had another good run in taking second place; his dad Wayne Catoe took third place with new crew mates/friends visiting from Oregon. The PC class had a very competitive race with the top 3 boats having corrected times within 16 seconds!  Congrats go to Paul Poulakis and his Tartan 30 crew for capturing first place, to Geoff and Heather Patterson for a close second place, and to Sue Lockett and crew for a close third place.

 Results of Race #2 on Saturday Oct 5:

 A-Racers:                                 Elapsed Time                Corrected Time (via PHRF)

1st   Skip Greene                        0:54:03                         2936 sec

2nd  Tony Catoe                        1:03:45                         3306

3rd   Wayne Catoe                     1:09:13                         3668

4th   Kevin Donovan                  1:14:53                             3868

5th   Pat Pritchett                      1:19:36                         4178

6th   Dave Gurysh                     1:37:07                         4964

       John Middaugh                    DNF

PC Racers:

1st    Paul Poulakis                   1:11:21                         3671 sec

2nd   Geoff Patterson             1:09:14                         3679

3rd   Ed Lockett                        1:10:31                         3687

4th   Bill Smith                           2:12:58                         6788

       Billy Becker                        DNF                                                    

       Clarke Lucas                      DNF                                        

       Bill Tingle                           DNF                            


 Brisk winds (14 mph) were forecasted for Sunday afternoon but unfortunately the front didn’t arrive until after Race #3.  So the 6 boats in both classes got off to slow starts and windward leg to the island mark in the early afternoon.  Patti and I had a nice, long view of several boats flying spinnakers on the downwind leg to the OBS mark.  Then the winds changed from SE to WSW caused them a bit of havoc in getting their spinnakers down.  The wind picked up nicely providing a fun close reach to the OBS mark, and then died on the final leg causing another frustrating finish for some boats.  Those fickle Watauga winds.

 Congrats again go to Skip Greene and his crew for capturing first place in the A-Racer class by edging out Tony Catoe’s Pearson 30 by a mere 2 seconds corrected time!  John Middaugh with Monica at the helm took third place with a respectable time, less than a minute corrected time after Tony.  In the PC class, congrats go to Geoff and Heather Patterson on their Capri 25 for their first win since joining WLSC this summer!  Paul Poulakis and crew took second place, and Clarke Lucas with Bobby Linebarger captured third place.  It promises to be an exciting Fall Race #4 for the PC class on Oct 19, since Clarke, Paul, and Geoff have each won a race in the Fall Series, and the Lockett’s have two good finishes too.

 Results of Race #3 on Sunday Oct 6:

A-Racers:                                 Elapsed Time                Corrected Time (via PHRF)

1st   Skip Greene                      1:25:25                         4640 sec

2nd  Tony Catoe                        1:29:30                         4642

3rd   John Middaugh                 1:31:52                         4690

4th   Pat Pritchett                      1:31:00                         4777

5th   Bill Murdoch                      1:42:27                         5020

6th   Dave Gurysh                     1:39:45                         5099

PC Racers:

1st   Geoff Patterson               1:36:50                         5145 sec

2nd   Paul Poulakis                   1:47:38                         5538

3rd    Clarke Lucas                    1:58:37                         5893

4th   Bill Smith                           1:56:25                         5943

5th   Marc Nachman               1:52:25                         5949

6th   Ed Lockett                        1:56:49                         6107

 Thanks much to Bobby and Cathy Linebarger and to Wayne and Danielle Catoe for handling Committee Boat duties for race #2 and #3, respectively.  Thanks also to Tony Catoe setting/retrieving the island mark both days, and to Commodore Gayle and her helpers for cooking the delicious pancake/sausage breakfast after the Saturday morning race.

 NEXT RACES:      10:00 am Saturday October 19              Fall Series Race #4      

                            2:00 pm Saturday October 19               30 Plus Race #3 (depending on good wind conditions)

                            45 minutes before races                                   Skippers meeting on the docks 

Reminder:  Only 3 weeks remain (until Oct 31) for posting results for “The Greene Challenge”.  

Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain

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