Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2013-10-22

Well blow me down! Watauga wind forecast for 23 Oct

Note from Jeff Arnfield (Red Hulled Chrysler “Windward”)…

As Popeye aptly put it: Well blow me down!

Hugh Grant had a shorter version of that catch phrase, but I’m pretty sure he meant something else.


For any of you skippers with a flexible schedule, an unquenchable joie de vivre and a reef point or two (a red boat also helps, but is not strictly mandatory), Wednesday’s forecast for the Watauga Lake area looks promising.  Following a steady ramp-up, winds from 10am – 6pm should be out of the west at about 14-18 mph (12–16 kt if you want to be all nautical) with gusts 21–28 mph.  As an added bonus, temps of 45-50° mean you should often be able to feel your fingers.


1)      Breezes like these are where the fun starts.

2)      Breezes like these can also be where “oh crap!” starts.  You will likely want

  1. At least one reef point
  2. A smaller jib, or one that roller reefs, or just sail with the main if your boat does that well.
  3. A secure rig, because bad things can happen to good masts, even inland.
  4. A life jacket.  Yeah, I know, that’s for wimps and wusses.  Thus, I’m one of the biggest wimps you know.
  5. Crew (unless your sailing skills are good and social skills are poor)

3)      Breezes like these make my boat heel , which I quite enjoy, but which on many sailor’s fun scales falls somewhere between a root canal and a colonoscopy.


4)      There is no such thing as a reliable forecast for winds on Watauga.  What you get is what you sail in.

5)      Did I mention the life jacket thing?  A fisherman drowned on Watauga over the weekend.  If it’s blowing (or dark), wear protection.



  1. Hey all, Fearing the impending death of at least one of my Group 27 batteries, any advice on where to get one reasonably? Bill

    Sent from my iPad H W. “Bill” Smith Crooked Road Enterprises 276-952-5248


    • I sent this on to Clarke for answering and sending it out through email to get other peoples opinion.

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