Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-02-26

The Lucas Challenge 2014!

Ahoy WLSC Sailors/Racers!

Please note that the Commodore Challenge for 2014 is named in honor of Clarke Lucas who was the WLSC Commodore in 1985. For those not familiar with the Commodore Challenge, this race is conducted as follows:
• A self-timed one boat race from the buoy line at Lakeshore Marina, around the big island to the east (either clockwise or counter-clockwise), and then back to the buoy line. Approx 3.3 nautical miles total length of race.
• Time of race: ANYTIME, between January 1 and October 31, 2014.
• You pick the time, the sailboat, and the crew, and race as many times as you want.
• After completing your race, please provide the following information to Race Captain Dave Gurysh, preferably via email to:
– Your name and crew
– Actual elapsed time of your race (minutes:seconds)
– Name of sailboat
– Date of race
– Brief description of wind conditions and any other interesting facts
• On their Grampian 30 “Second Wind”, Russ and Gayle completed the Lucas Challenge THREE times on Sunday Feb 23 on a sunny, windy afternoon in the 60’s, with their best elapsed time being 46 min: 46 secs! So the bar has been set pretty high for early in the year.
• Elapsed times will be corrected by the Race Captain according to the Average PHRF Rating for the sailboat per website (ref year 2011)
So pick a nice day on the lake with favorable winds and take the Lucas Challenge.

Fair winds and good luck,

Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain


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