Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-03-04

Lucas Challenge Postings

Crew Boat Actual Time PHRF Corrected Time Description Place
Kevin and Jennie Donovan Hunter 26.5 Virginia 2626 189 2646 Note 1
Mar 2, 2014
Russ   Veldman and Gayle McPherson Grampian 30 Second Wind 2806 195 2806 Note 2
Mar 2, 2014
  1. Jennie, Homer and myself ran a 43:46 today on Virginia. Winds at 10-15 mph mostly SW, with gusts from the west. Reefed main and full jib downwind and reefed head (100%) nd reefed main on the return leg. We had to tack 3 times on the return leg. If it can be done with a single tack, the time should be sub 40 minutes- we’ll try again!
  2. Russ and I took advantage of a marvelously sunny and windy Sunday afternoon to “throw down the gauntlet” to our fellow WLSC sailors.  With N to NW winds ranging mostly from 8 to 18 knts (we even saw a couple of gusts around 22knts), we sailed the course for the 2014 Lucas Challenge.  In fact, it was such a pretty day and the winds were so good that we sailed it 3 times!  Our first lap around the course, we crossed the tireline at about 12:30 and went around the north side of the island.  We saw a family of 3 bald eagles fishing and soaring around the east end of the island!  Our finish time was 55:04:28. On our second lap, we sailed around the south side of the island and finished in 49:37:47..  Lastly, as the winds were picking up some more, we went back around on the North side and finished in 46:46:31. We had no problems with depth at any point around the island, as the lake level appears to be rising.  A great day of beam reach sailing on a rare day of mostly steady afternoon winds on Watauga Lake!  We challenge everyone to get out and run this fun self-timed race in honor of our Past Commodore, Clarke Lucas.   Gayle and Russ

For those not familiar with the Commodore Challenge, this race is conducted as follows: • A self-timed one boat race from the buoy line at Lakeshore Marina, around the big island to the east (either clockwise or counter-clockwise), and then back to the buoy line. Approx 3.3 nautical miles total length of race. • Time of race: ANYTIME, between January 1 and October 31, 2014. • You pick the time, the sailboat, and the crew, and race as many times as you want. • After completing your race, please provide the following information to Race Captain Dave Gurysh, preferably via email to: – Your name and crew – Actual elapsed time of your race (minutes:seconds) – Name of sailboat – Date of race – Brief description of wind conditions and any other interesting facts.  So pick a nice day on the lake with favorable winds and take the Lucas Challenge.

Fair winds and good luck,

Dave Gurysh WLSC Race Captain


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