Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-04-07

Tennessee Marina Safety Bill

Hello Sailors!

Many of you have asked me about the Marina Safety Bill that has been proposed in the Tennessee House of Representatives that was discussed briefly at the Spring Meeting.  The goal of the bill is to minimize the danger of electrical shock to those swimming in or around marinas and docks that are regulated by the State.  If enacted, the requirements would go into effect in 2015.  Note that there is no proposed punishment by the state to swimmers, only to the marinas who allow swimming and where there is a subsequent injury or death by electrocution.

I do not know what, if any, repairs/installations that Lakeshore would have to make to their electrical systems to be compliant.  They would have to post “No Swimming within 100′ of dock” signage.  If they don’t post the signs, they risk a $500 fine.  There seems to be no provision for punishment of the marina for allowing people to swim as long as no one gets hurt or dies…then they face stiffer fines (up to $50,000) and up to a year in prison.

Marina Safety Bill House Bill 1892…read and draw your own conclusions.




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