Posted by: tvasailor | 2014-04-15

WLSC Race Results for April 12-13 Weekend

Ahoy WLSC Sailors!

Race results over the past weekend were as follows:
First Spring Series Race on Saturday April 12:
Unfortunately the first Spring Series race of the season was canceled on Saturday morning after no boats from the PC class were able to reach the windward mark within the 60 minute time limit.  With the winds still being very light during the Skipper’s meeting in the afternoon, we decided to re-schedule the first Spring Series race to April 26th weekend.  Thanks much to John and Billie Middaugh and Bill Smith for setting out the 3 marks for the race and serving as Committee Boat, and to Dennis and Kim Anthony and Sue Becker for the delicious pancake, sausage, and gravy breakfast following the canceled race.  Bill Smith also thanked Homer for the shower that he gave Bill after the breakfast.
First 30 Plus Regatta, on Sunday April 13:
With brisk winds being forecasted for Sunday afternoon, a 30 Plus Regatta was put together over the weekend.  Five (5) 30 ft. boats participated in the race.  Wayne Catoe and his son Tony Catoe, both sporting new sails, had an interesting duel going to the island on the first leg in 6 mph north winds, as Tony tried several times to go windward of Wayne who was the lead boat.  Then Tony edged by on the leeward side and then winds dropped to almost dead calm on the south side of the island.  It took almost 60 minutes for Tony’s Pearson 30 to reach the east side of the island, and then he got “in irons” on the north-east side of the island.  Trailing boats changed their goals to things like trying to keep up with the ducks, beat a floating log, and exchange of liquid provisions between boats.  After much patience was exercised by all boats trying to get around the island for over an hour, the 14 mph forecasted winds finally came in and we all were rewarded with a quick run from west end of the island to the finish line.  Congrats go to Wayne Catoe on the Hunter 30 for coming from behind to edge out Tony Catoe by ~75 seconds, and finish in a lengthy ET of 2:13:12.  Russ Veldman captured 3rd place just ahead of Paul Poulakis and new members/racers Rob and Anita Remme on their Beneteau 30E “My Girl”.  The race was an exercise in patience but we all managed to make it a FUN Race on a sunny, warm afternoon.  It certainly beat shoveling snow!

Next Spring Series races:
#1 Spring Series race (make-up):  First horn at 9:00 am on Saturday April 26, Skipper’s meeting at 8:15 am, Kevin Donovan as Committee Boat
#2 Spring Series race:  First horn at 4:00 pm on Saturday April 26, Skipper’s meeting at 3:15 pm, John Middaugh for Committee Boat.
If either of the two races cannot be completed on Saturday, we will reschedule one race for Sunday afternoon April 27.
Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain

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