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Results of Spring Race #1 and #2 on April 26, 2014

Ahoy Racers!
It was a busy but enjoyable day of Spring Series racing on Watauga Lake on Saturday April 26, with 11 boats participating in both the 1st race in the morning and the 2nd race in the afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous with sunny skies and light, variable winds in the morning and moderate/brisk winds in the afternoon, providing a variety of conditions for the racers, as follows:

Race #1 got off to a slow start in light NW winds.  Tony Catoe’s Pearson 30 made it to the OBS mark first, followed by Clarke Lucas’s Balboa 26 in less than an hour to make the race official.  The light wind shifted to NE, taking away any chance of a spinnaker run on the second leg to the Island mark, and the Pearson 30 extended its lead.  The wind picked up to 8 kts and shifted to the West again after the lead boats rounded the Island mark, and Skip Greene’s J24 was able to cut into Tony Catoe’s lead as they headed to the finish line. Several other boats had nice runs on the third leg to the finish line when the wind shifted to the NW.  Congrats go to Tony Catoe and crew for capturing their 1st win of the season in the A-Racer class and to Pat Pritchett for sailing solo into 2nd place on his Holder 20.  

Congrats also go to Clarke Lucas for capturing 1st place by a just 6 seconds corrected time over Geoff and Heather Patterson’s Capri 25 in the PC class.  Ed and Sue Lockett did a nice job in taking 3rd place in the PC class on their Catalina 320 in light winds.
Results of Race #1:

A-Racers:                  Elapsed Time      Corrected Time (via PHRF)
1st   Tony Catoe                 1:47:11              5634 sec
2nd  Pat Pritchett             1:49:22              5741
3rd   Dave Gurysh           1:54:22           5846
4th   John Middaugh        1:55:14           5882
5th   Skip Greene                1:48:30            5893
6th   Wayne Catoe          1:53:10           5997
PC Racers:
1st    Clarke Lucas              2:12:06              6563 sec
2nd   Geoff Patterson       2:03:38              6569
3rd    Ed Lockett                2:07:28              6637
4th    Rob Remme             2:17:24               7154
        Tommy Willis          DNF
Race #2 got off to a wild start for the A-Racers class as they all approached the start line together in 10 kt W winds.  Committee Boat captain Middaugh wished he had a movie of the start as the action was fast and furious; two of the boats were across the line early and had to re-start around the pin.  Later Tony Catoe had to take a 720 degree penalty turn for a right-of-way violation with a close relative.  Meanwhile, Skip Greene and Rob Remme were busy making up from their results in the morning race.  Skip and crew had a nice spinnaker run on the downwind run to the island mark in moderate W winds.  Wayne Catoe had some “mechanicals” during the race including a broken spinnaker halyard shackle.  Rob Remme on the Beneteau 30E and Geoff & Heather Patterson on the Capri 25 had an exciting run to the finish line, with the Patterson’s finishing in a respectable ET of 1:02:19; however Rob edged them out on corrected time by 42 seconds.  So congrats go to new member Rob Remme and crew for capturing 1st place in the PC class, and to the Patterson’s for their second 2nd place of the day.  Ed Lockett edged Clarke Lucas out at the finish line by 2 seconds, but Clarke captured third place on corrected time in the PC class.  Skip Greene’s J24 finished the race with an impressive ET of 0:55:21 and then the remaining 5 boats in the A-Racer class got the attention of the Committee Boat by crossing the line within 78 seconds of each other.  Congrats go to Skip Green and crew for rebounding to capture 1st place in the A-Racer class.  Dave Gurysh and crew on the Catalina 27 earned 2nd place by 18 seconds corrected time less than Kevin Donovan’s Hunter 26.5; I think the difference was when Homer accidentally released the main sheet line, whereas Abby stayed put in her V-berth.  The corrected time difference between 2nd and 5th place in the A-Racer class was only 37 seconds!  Special recognition goes to Pat Pritchett who soloed his Holder 20 in both races; Pat no doubt slept pretty good Saturday night.
It was a beautiful afternoon for racing, with brisk wind and lots of sun and fun.
Results of Race #2 (make-up of cancelled race on April 12):

A-Racers:              Elapsed Time      Corrected Time (via PHRF)
1st    Skip Greene        0:55:21           3006 sec
2nd   Dave Gurysh        1:05:10              3331
3rd    Kevin Donovan     1:04:50           3349
4th    Tony Catoe           1:03:52             3357
5th    Pat Pritchett        1:04:10             3368
6th    Wayne Catoe      1:04:48            3434

PC Racers:
1st    Rob Remme          1:02:47           3269 sec
2nd   Geoff Patterson  1:02:19            3311
3rd    Clarke Lucas      1:13:17          3641
4th    Ed Lockett           1:13:15             3814
 Doug Rymer              DNF

Thank you to Kevin & Jennie Donovan, and to John & Billie Middaugh and Paul Poulakis & Jo Edwards for handling Committee Boat duties for race #1 and #2, respectively, and to Tony Catoe for setting/retrieving the island mark today.
Thanks also to Danielle Catoe, Jo Edwards, Patty Jo Nachman, and others for preparing the pancake/sausage breakfast after the morning race.
Thanks also to Patti Gurysh, Alex & Jean Lindsay, Rob & Minta Fannon, Sandra Little and others for preparing the hamburger/hot dog cookout.  Special thanks to Mike and Karen Farthing for providing BBQ ribs for the cookout, even though they were not able to attend.

Race Start Time Change:
Since we have experienced very light winds in the morning races so far this Spring, the Race Committtee has decided to change the start time of the remaining Spring Series races to 3:00pm on Saturday afternoon, with the Skippers meeting held at 2:15pm.  At the Skippers meeting, the start time may be delayed to 4:00pm if the winds are forecasted to be better then.

NEXT RACES:3:00 pm Saturday May 10thSpring Series Race #3

2:00 pm Sunday May 11th30 Plus Race #2 (depending on good wind conditions, and if Mothers are interested in sailing on Mother’s Day)
Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain

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