Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-06-08

Summer Sailstice 2014 Overnight Raft Up on June 21

Oi, ye scurvy scallywags!

Windward’s crew has  often spent the objective holidays (the solstices and equinoxes, plus lots of full moons, new moons, and meteor showers) aboard Windward, somewhere on Watauga Lake.  As Windward’s reconstructive surgery nears completion, we’re looking forward to some relaxed, warm overnights on the lake, perhaps even with a few friends.

Perhaps you’ve been itching to get away from the dock for an evening for a raft-up somewhere on the lake.  But when?  Where do you go?  What do you do?  Who else will be there?  Should you bring anything? Will there be parental supervision?

June 21 is the Summer Solstice – the longest daylight of the year, as the earth’s axis is most directly tilted toward the Sun.  Since 2001, it’s also been the Summer Sailstice, an informal, distributed series of events at which saily folks do boaty things in watery places.

Perhaps you can see how, as in a Clive Cussler novel (one that was withheld from publishing because it tended to drag on a bit), this series of seemingly unrelated things is leading somewhere.  Or at least you’re hoping.

So… in a rare example of poor judgment and/or misplaced trust, a few of the officers asked that S/V Windward lead an overnight on the lake for Summer Sailstice 2014 on the evening of June 21st.  “He didn’t actually /lose/ the mast.  It’s summer time, so probably no ice on decks unless the drinks spill.  How bad could it be?” Or something like that.  Details are sure to emerge soon, but an initial bit of info is on the events site, at .

These away-from-the-dock events are relaxed, informal BYO affairs: your own food, your own beverages, your own stories, your own boats, your own porta-potty…   It’s quite common to share some or all of the first three, and sometimes the fourth, though.  Apart from something to eat and somewhere to sleep, all you’ll need is a good attitude, some fenders and dock lines, possibly a suitable anchor and rode (talk to me if you are not sure), the ability to come up alongside another boat without ramming it, maybe a VHF radio, a jaunty swagger in your stride and a song in your heart.  If you sing exceptionally well, you may let some of the song become audible.

Actual raft-up location and time probably won’t be determined until the day of the event, due to weather, projected boat density, whim of Windward’s skipper, etc,  but plan on someplace east of the marina, west of the bridge, with enough space to accommodate those planning to raft, plus the few others who decide all spur-of-the-moment like that it sounds like fun and they can maybe wait to wash their hair until Sunday night, thus freeing them up to attend.  We may be anchored, shore-tied or a combination of the two.  Ideally we’ll be someplace with enough space to have a campfire on shore – are s’mores sufficient to mark an event that predates recorded history?

Even for informal events some planning is useful, so if you think you might be coming send me either a “see you there” or “maybe” or “I’m interested but nervous” or “I’d like to help sand and paint Windward’s deck” note so I can narrow down suitable sites.

Fair Winds,


S/V Windward

A well-used, well-loved Chrysler 26


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