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Overall Results for WLSC 2014 Spring Racing Series

Ahoy WLSC Racers!

Sorry for the late posting of the subject results, but we have been on vacation (sailing in the VI’s).

We had a total of 50 captains participate in the 4 races this Spring! This was 5 more than in Spring 2013.  The wind conditions were unusually light for Spring racing, but at least two of the races had winning elapsed times of less than 75 minutes.

Congratulations to Skip Greene who captured 1st place for the Spring Series in the A-Racer class!  Skip and crew had a difficult 1st race but rallied to win two races.  Congrats to Kevin Donovan for repeating last year’s results by capturing 2nd place in the Spring Series; he won 1 race and 3rd place in another race.  And congrats also to Tony Catoe for earning 3rd place by winning 1 race and 2nd in another; oh but for that one mark rounding….

A-Racers:BoatSpring Batting Avg. (Best 3 of 4)

1st Skip Greene J24                        1.000
2nd Kevin Donovan Hunter 26.5        .833
3rd Tony Catoe Pearson 30              .778
4th Pat Pritchett Holder 20                 .722
5th Dave Gurysh Catalina 27TM        .667
6th John Middaugh Catalina 30TM    .333
7th Wayne Catoe Hunter 30              .167

The first 3 places in the PC class could not have been any closer!  Congratulations to Clarke Lucas for capturing 1st place for the Spring Series in the PC class!  Clarke won 2 races to edge out Geoff and Heather Patterson who took 2nd place. Congrats to the Patterson’s for their consistent effort in capturing four 2nd places this Spring; if only they could have collected 1 more point in one of their 4 races…. And congrats also to new racer Rob Remme for earning 3rd place; Rob won 1 race and had two 3rd places.   

Performance Cruisers:BoatSpring Batting Avg. (Best 3 of 4)

1st  Clarke Lucas  Balboa 26       895
2nd Geoff Patterson  Capri 25         857
3rd Rob Remme  Beneteau 30E  .810
4th Ed Lockett  Catalina 320.       579
5th Paul Poulakis  Tartan 30.       188
Bill Smith  Catalina 30TM(a)
Doug Rymer  C&C 29(a)
Dennis Anthony  Irwin 30(a)
Tommy Willis  Chrysler 22(a)
Mark Lemons  Pearson 26(a)

(a) Not eligible due to missing 2 or more races

Perfect attendance recognition goes to 10 skippers and crew who participated (including Committee boat) in all 4 races, as follows: Tony Catoe, Wayne Catoe, Kevin Donovan, Skip Greene, Dave Gurysh, Pat Pritchett, Ed Lockett, Clarke Lucas, Geoff Patterson, and Rob Remme.

Next Race:  Summer FUN Race #1 this coming Saturday June 14 at 3:00pm; Skippers meeting at 2:15pm on the docks.  It will likely be a staggered-start race.  You all are invited to join in on the fun!
Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain
For the latest official results please visit our “Race Result” Link

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