Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-06-20

Fun Race on June 14, 2014

Howdy Sailors,

Nine (9) captains and crew had a great time sailing on a perfect, sunny 75F afternoon in the first Fun Race of the Summer. Although I was not present for the race, I understand that the wind was pretty good at 5 knots from the west, and varied between 2 to 12 knots. After a staggered start some boats were able to fly a spinnaker on the way to circle the island. Congrats to Pat Pritchett with crewmate James Little on the Holder 20 for crossing the finish line first. It must have been an exciting leg from the island to the finish line as the next 4 boats were in a tight knit group, consisting of Wayne and Danielle Catoe and g’daughter Caroline on the Hunter 30, Marvin Brown and Skip Greene on the Beneteau 32, Kevin Donovan on the Hunter 26.5, and Monica Wiedmann and her sister on the CL16. Not sure of the order for the remaining boats but I heard that Clarke Lucas, John Middaugh, Marc Nachman (on his newly purchased Capri 22 from Octavio), and Paul Poulakis got in on the fun too!
Thanks much to Wayne Catoe and James Little for putting on the race and setting the start pin.
WLSC Race Captain

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