Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-07-05

Kid’s Sailing Camp

I would like to thank Danielle and Wayne Catoe for their inspiration and organization of the sailing instruction plus all the adults that volunteered and participated in the Kid’s Sailing Camp this past weekend.

I did witness both Danielle and Wayne on board Sunfish with the younger sailors to give them first hand sailing instructions.

I will be putting out a Dock Newsletter later this week to highlight the activities of the Kids. We had a great turn out for the camp a total of 19 Kids participated. I want to compliment the parents and grandparents for some really great young adults, these kids make you have a new respect for our future.

The future of the Watauga Lake Sailing Club is based on individuals like Wayne and Danielle, our adult volunteers, and especially our kids and grandkids!

One Final Note:

I recieved the following email from Wayne Catoe this morning:

Dennis –

“At the sailing camp awards presentation I failed to recognize Danielle for all her work, she has always been a very strong supporter of organizing the sailing camp. Dany was on the dock helping rig the boat and assisting on the dock during the sailing. She assisted with the meals and made the pancake breakfast on Sunday. To top it off, this young 73 year old grandmother was on a Sunfish Friday coaching some of the kids. Great job Dany sorry for not including you at the award presentation, I have to admit after over 50 years of marriage I tend to take you for granted, I’m going to try and do better.” Wayne


Dennis Anthony – Commodore
Watauga Lake Sailing Club


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