Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-07-05

Ladies Sailing Camp

Hello all!
While this e-mail is meant for the ladies of the WLSC, I’m sending it to everyone as I don’t have e-mail addresses for all the women.  I am trusting that you guys will pass it on to the females in your life as appropriate.
In response to numerous requests, I am attempting to put together some sort of sailing “camp” for the women.  The goal will be to increase the skill and comfort level of the less experienced ladies by sharing the knowledge of some of us who have spent more time aboard.  The environment will be low key and “ladies only”.
I need your feedback!  I’d like to hear from you if you are interested in participating as either a “student” or as a “mentor”.  Right now I am envisioning us dividing up into small groups over a couple of weekends and spending time on multiple boats, both discussing topics of interest and actually going out on the lake.
Some topics that have been suggested:
1.    Sailing terminology
2.    Getting comfortable with scary situations (heeling, etc.)
3.    What to do if your sailing partner is incapacitated
4.    Steering with tiller or wheel
5.    “BoatKeeping” and provisioning tips and techniques
If you are interested in participating in any capacity, please e-mail  Let me know if you’d prefer to do something this summer or wait until fall and day(s) of the week you prefer.  Also, any topics that would be pertinent to you or others.  Once I determine the level of interest, I will be able to formulate a better plan.
I look forward to hearing from everyone!
Gayle McPherson
Past Commodore, Watauga Lake Sailing Club

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