Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-08-13

Results of FUN Race on August 9

Ahoy WLSC sailors!

Despite a forecast of 50% chance of thunderstorms, seven (7) boat captains and crew participated in a FUN Race last Saturday.  After a staggered start towards the island n 5 kt westerly winds, we enjoyed a broad reach to the island mark.  I believe that Russ and Gayle rounded the island mark first on their Grampian 30, followed closely by Tony Catoe on the Pearson 30 and Pat Pritchett on the Holder 20.  After about 15 minutes into the return leg to the finish line, the wind died to 0-1 kt, and it became an exercise of patience.  A couple boats made headway along a band of wind along the mountain side of the lake, only to eventually cross the lake in the dying wind to make it to the pin.  Tony Catoe and crew were far ahead of the pack but took about 30 minutes to cover the last 1/4 mile to make it first across the finish line.  A couple of the boats dropped their sails before finishing and a couple more hung in there to finish, but we all enjoyed the sunny weather with no threat of rain.

Next FUN Race:  Saturday August 23, 1:15pm skippers meeting, 2pm start.

We also plan to have a short Race Clinic on August 23, beginning at 10:30am on the docks.  More details on this clinic will be provided by this weekend.

Dave G.

WLSC Race Captain


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