Posted by: wlsc1979 | 2014-09-09

First WLSC Single Hand Championship, August 30-31

Below is a report written by James Little of the subject event.



First WLSC Single Hand Championship


Last weekend, Aug 30-31, WLSC held the first annual WLSC Single Hand Championship using our recently acquired fleet of 4 Lasers.  16 enthusiastic sailors registered for the event.  Unfortunately, the Watauga Lake winds did not cooperate.  Thus not enough races were completed to declare a champion with all the associated bragging rights!

Nevertheless, everyone did get a chance to sail a few legs in the Lasers and get a feel for the boats.  In addition, people brought their sailboats and other water craft out to the course which was run off the Captain’s Table dock.  Everyone had a good time talking about racing, catching up with friends, sharing Laser tips, and drinking a few beers.

The experience from this event should help us plan additional events for our Laser fleet in the future.   The registration fee of $10 per person was placed in an account for our WLSC youth sailing camp.   We thank all of you who participated in the event by ferrying stranded lasers, setting marks, timing events, rigging sailboats, etc.

Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain


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