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Results of Fall Series Race #1 on Sept 6, 2014

Ahoy Racers!

Fourteen (14) racers and crew turned out for the first race of the Fall Series after a 1 hour delay last Saturday.  Westerly winds were light at the start of the race and it was slow going to the OBS mark.  On the downwind leg to the Island mark, variable west to north winds made it challenging for the six (6) boats which flew spinnakers, at times on a beam reach; gybing of the spinnakers was required for a few boats.  Then the wind freshened to 8-12 kts out of the NW as Skip, Pat, Wayne, and Tony were first to round the Island leeward mark and head to the finish line.

Congrats to Skip Greene and crew for finishing in an elapsed time of 1:06:34 to capture 1st place in the A-Racer class; another clean race for the J24.  Congrats also to Wayne Catoe and crew on the Hunter 30 for capturing 2nd place, and to Tony Catoe and crew on the Pearson 30 for taking 3rd place.  It was good to see Marvin Brown join the A-Racer class on his Beneteau 325 in his first Series race after returning to WLSC.

Congrats to Pat Pritchett for going solo on the Holder 20 and finish in an elapsed time of 1:20:44 to capture 1st place in the PC class.  Congrats also to Doug Rymer and his crew on the C&C 29 for ‘going out in style’ by capturing 2nd place, and to John Middaugh and crew for taking 3rd place on the Catalina 30.  It was neat to see Billy Becker make his debut as captain in Series racing in the Catalina 27, and John Smith solo his Precision 18 in his first Series race this year.  Bolstered by a few sailors who switched race classes for the Fall Series, it was a great turnout by the PC class racers!

A-Racers:                                              Actual Elapsed Time      Corrected Time (via PHRF)

1st   Skip Greene                                  1:06:34                                     3616 sec

2nd  Wayne Catoe                               1:12:24                                     3836

3rd   Tony Catoe                                  1:14:00                                     3889

4th   Dave Gurysh                               1:16:37                                      3916

5th   Marvin Brown                            1:17:18                                       4193


PC Racers:

1st    Pat Pritchett                        1:20:44                                    4238 sec

2nd   Doug Rymer                       1:26:14                                     4437

3rd    John Middaugh                 1:29:02                                    4509

4th    Rob Remme                        1:27:08                                    4574

5th    Billy Becker                         1:32:22                                   4697

6th    Bill Smith                            1:34:18                                    4776

7th    John Smith                         1:57:15                                     5392

8th    Clarke Lucas                      1:52:52                                     5607

9th    Russ Veldman                    DNF


Best wishes and smooth sailing to Doug Rymer as he heads out next week on his C&C 29 “Sweet Tooth” on his adventure down the Mississippi River to New Orleans and beyond.

Thanks much to Ed and Sue Lockett for handling Committee Boat duties, and to Wayne Catoe and Dennis Anthony for setting the island mark.  Thanks also to Commodore Dennis and Billy Becker and helpers for organizing/cooking the hot dog/pot luck dinner.

NEXT SERIES RACE:   2:00pm Saturday Sept 20,  Skippers meeting at 1:15pm

Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain

 Race Results


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