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Results of Fall Series Race #2 on Sept 20, 2014

Ahoy Racers!

Thirteen (13) racers and crew turned out for the second race of the Fall Series last Saturday.  Winds were light (2-5 kts) out of the east for most of the race, and then became very light about 1.5 hours into the race, making it a long race for several boats.  However, Pat Pritchett and Skip Greene made the race official for their respective race classes by reaching all of the marks well within the required time limits.  Seven of the thirteen boats had spinnakers deployed on the downwind leg to the OBS mark.  Besides the light winds, the race fleet had to contend with big waves on the lake from a lot of power boaters enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the lake.  And a few racers even had to avoid a houseboat which drifted across the finish line.  The Committee Boat apologizes for not being able to get the attention of the houseboat, but we did try.

Congrats to Skip Greene and crew on the J24 for finishing in an elapsed time of 1:17:13 to capture 1st place in the A-Racer class, their second of the Fall Series.  Congrats also to Tony Catoe and crew on the Pearson 30 for capturing 2nd place, and to Wayne Catoe and crew on the Hunter 30 for taking 3rd place.  It was good to see Bahama cruisers Bill and Adair Murdoch join us for the race on the Tanzer 22.

Congrats to Pat Pritchett for going solo on the Holder 20 to finish in an elapsed time of 1:36:06, capturing 1st place in the PC class, also his second of the Fall Series. It was nice to see Jeff Arnfield out racing solo on the Chrysler 26; congrats to Jeff for capturing 2nd place.  Congrats also to Ed Lockett and crew for taking 3rd place on the Catalina 32.  And it was good to see Mark Galloway out racing again on the Oday 27.  Another big turnout by the PC class racers!

A-Racers:                                              Actual Elapsed Time      Corrected Time (via PHRF)

1st   Skip Greene                                1:17:13                                     4194 sec

2nd  Tony Catoe                                1:23:37                                     4395

3rd   Wayne Catoe                            1:38:47                                     5234

4th   Bill Murdoch                            2:09:18                                     6335

5th   Marvin Brown                          2:09:41                                     7034

PC Racers:

1st    Pat Pritchett                              1:36:06                                    5044 sec

2nd   Jeff Arnfield                             1:55:58                                    5791

3rd    Ed Lockett                                2:17:53                                    7122

4th    Mark Galloway                        2:29:00                                   7291

5th    John Middaugh                       2:26:10                                    7403

6th    Rob Remme                             2:35:33                                    8165

Paul Poulakis                              DNF

Clarke Lucas                               DNF

Official results for Fall Series Race #2 will be posted on the WLSC website later this week.  Thanks much to Patti Gurysh for helping with Committee Boat duties, and to Tony Catoe, John Middaugh, and Paul Poulakis for helping with the marks.

NEXT SERIES RACE:   2:00pm Saturday October 4, with the skippers meeting at 1:15pm.   

Dave Gurysh

WLSC Race Captain


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