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Results of Fall Series Race #3 on Oct 4, 2014

Ahoy Sailors!

The third race of the Fall Series last Saturday October 4 was held in memory of fellow WLSC sailor John Wrestler; John had signed up last March to serve on the Committee Boat for this race date.

Thirteen (13) racers and crew turned out for the race with a weather forecast of 14 kt winds and 26 kt gusts, and cool 45F temps.  The forecast was spot on and several boats started the race with a reefed main and genoa.  Most of the racers approached the start line on a port tack with the wind coming out of WSW.  Then the wind dropped some and was shifty as usual around the OBS mark.  On the downwind leg, the J24 crew deployed their spinnaker when there was a lull in the wind and breezed past several boats; later the wind picked back up to over 14 kts and they had a tough time gathering the spinnaker near the Island mark.  Meanwhile Ed and Sue Lockett, who had an excellent start on their Cat 320, were first to reach both marks and stayed out in front.  Several boats experienced knockdowns after rounding the Island mark.  A couple of 30 footers had trouble tacking in the 20-25 kt gusts, got pushed backward, and had to jibe.  Bill Smith unfortunately suffered damage to the bowsprit and front deck of his Cat 30TM when the bobstay broke after heading into the wind.  Believing that most captains and crew had enough excitement and sheet line work after 1 lap, the Committee Boat decided to forego an extra lap to the Island mark.  Good move by Russ and Gayle.

Congrats to Ed and Sue Lockett on the Cat 320 for finishing in an elapsed time of 0:51:20 to capture 1st place in the PC class.  They had a remarkable run without extra crew, laid down the best elapsed time so far in 2014 and tied the best ET in 2013 (same 0:51:20 by Tony Catoe in Fall race #4).  Congrats also to Jeff Arnfield and crew for taking 2nd place; most of us got a good view of the keel of the Chrysler 26 during the race.  And congrats to Rob Remme and crew for taking 3rd place on the Beneteau 30.  Pat Pritchett and his crew of one, new member Jack Woodside, took 4th place and did well in keeping the Holder 20 upright in the high wind gusts.

Congrats to Skip Greene and crew Patty, James, and Rob on the J24 for finishing in an elapsed time of 0:52:45 to capture 1st place in the A-Racer class, their 3rd straight in the Fall Series.  Theirs was also a remarkable run in such heavy wind.  Congrats also to Tony Catoe and crewman Scott on the Pearson 30 for capturing 2nd place after almost putting their mast spreader in the water on the final leg, and to Wayne and Danielle Catoe on the Hunter 30 for taking 3rd place.

A-Racers:                                      Actual Elapsed Time      Corrected Time (via PHRF)
1st   Skip Greene                               0:52:45                                     2865 sec
2nd  Tony Catoe                               0:57:05                                     3000
3rd   Wayne Catoe                            1:01:22                                     3252
4th   Dave Gurysh                             1:07:14                                     3437
5th   Marvin Brown                          1:03:26                                    3441

PC Racers:
1st    Ed Lockett                              0:51:20                                     2652 sec
2nd   Jeff Arnfield                          1:03:12                                     3156
3rd    Rob Remme                          1:03:14                                     3319
4th    Pat Pritchett                          1:03:43                                     3344
5th    Paul Poulakis                         1:07:22                                     3466
6th    John Middaugh                     1:13:25                                     3719
7th    Dennis Anthony                     1:14:18                                     3793
Bill Smith                                 DNF

2014 Spring and Fall Race Results

Thanks much to:         

All who came out for an exciting afternoon of racing, and got back to the docks safe and sound.

Russ Veldman and Gayle McPherson for serving as Committee Boat, and to Tony Catoe for setting/retrieving the Island mark.

Commodore Dennis and Billy Becker and all others for organizing and cooking the delicious “Oktoberfest” dinner.

FALL SERIES RACE #4: Saturday OCTOBER 18, 1:15pm skippers meeting, 2:00pm start of race
COMMODORE’S CUP:  Sunday OCTOBER 19, 1:15pm skippers meeting, 2:00pm start of race

Note:  The last day to take the LUCAS CHALLENGE has been extended to Sunday Nov 2, so pick a time between now and Nov 2 and do a self-timed race from the marina buoy line, east to and around the island (either direction) and back to the buoy line.  The lake is low so be careful of shallow depths around the island.  Call or send email to me with your elapsed time result.  FYI, Kevin Donovan has the best corrected elapsed time (2646 sec, or 44:06) so far this year.

Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain


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