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Results of Fall Series Race #4 on Oct 18, 2014

Ahoy Sailors!

Nine (9) racers and crew turned out for the 4th race of the Fall Series with a weather forecast of 12 kt winds and 20 kt gusts, and high 50F temps.  The start of the race was exciting in brisk NW winds with a few boats jockeying for position at the line, and one A-Racer boat crossing the line early.  The wind lightened some going to the OBS mark and spinnakers were kept in the bag going downwind mainly due to the varying wind conditions and some crews being shorthanded.  Like in the last race, the wind really picked up going around the ISL mark, and we were met with some gusts of 20 kts.  Jeff Arnfield was leading the pack in the PC class on the final leg, but then a big gust knocked Pat Pritchett’s Holder 20 over and it took on water in the cockpit and cabin area.  Three PC racers (Jeff Arnfield, Mark Galloway, and Russ Veldman) provided assistance to Pat, his crew, and in towing of his boat.  Thanks to Jeff, Mark, and Russ and their crew for making sure Pat and his crew were safe.  Following racers stayed out of the way and finished the race.

Congrats to Tony Catoe and crew on the Pearson 30 for finishing in an elapsed time of 0:54:32 and a corrected time of 2866 seconds to capture 1st place in the A-Racer class.  The lead in the A-Racer class changed several times during the race.  Marvin Brown and crew on the Beneteau 325 did well in reaching the OBS mark first, even after their re-start.  Tony Catoe and crew took over the lead on the downwind leg to the ISL mark and most of the final leg.  Then Wayne Catoe and crew on the Hunter 30 took the lead as they approached the finish line.  Congrats to all four A-Racers for having corrected times under 3000 seconds (50 minutes) and finishing within 133 seconds corrected time of one another.

Congrats to Clarke Lucas and crew on the Balboa 26 for finishing first in the PC class in an elapsed time of 1:08:06.  The 3 captains that assisted Pat Pritchett will receive credit for this race the same way as for Committee Boat (average of other 2 best races in Fall Series).

A-Racers:                                              Actual Elapsed Time      Corrected Time (via PHRF)

1st     Tony Catoe                        0:54:32                                     2866 sec
2nd   Wayne Catoe                     0:54:24                                     2883
3rd    Bill Murdoch                     1:01:07                                      2994
4th    Marvin Brown                   0:55:17                                      2999

PC Racers:

1st    Clarke Lucas                       1:08:06                                     3383 sec
Jeff Arnfield                           Assisted Pat
Mark Galloway                      Assisted Pat
Russ Veldman                       Assisted Pat
Pat Pritchett                                DNF

2014 Spring and Fall Race Results

Fall Series overall results will be announced at the Nov 15 awards/dinner meeting.


Thank you to:

               Rob and Anita Remme for serving as Committee Boat, and to Tony Catoe for setting/retrieving the Island mark.

                Everyone who brought the delicious chili, salsa dip and chips, desserts, etc. for dinner on the docks. 


Due very light wind last Sunday, the Commodore’s Race was postponed to Saturday, November 1.  Skippers meeting at 1:15pm, start of race at 2:00pm 

Attached is an article which you should take time to read about hypothermia and prevention tips, exhaustion and survival times in cold water, torso reflex, etc.  Watauga Lake water is already getting cold and some WLSC members even sail in the Winter, e.g. in the Frost Bite race.  So remember to take necessary precautions, e.g. to wear PFD’s (life jackets) when sailing in cold water conditions.

Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain


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