Posted by: svwindward | 2014-12-18

Welcome to the 2015 Race Year

From Tony Catoe, the Race Captain:

Hello Race fans!

We are fast approaching the 2015 race season with the first race of the year. Our annual New years day Frost Bite race. This will mark the beginning of my chair as race captain of WLSC.

I would like to congratulate our most recent captain Dave Gruyish who did a fantastic job with great leadership, that only a retired successful buisness man/great husband/super sailor/ good dad/great friend, can provide. I can only hope to live up to the standard that has been set by Dave.

We are looking at a Thursday race date 01/01/2015 which is forecast by the Farmers Almanc to be COLD!!! and CLEAR.
JANUARY 2015: temperature 26° (4° below avg.); precipitation 2″ (1″ below avg.); Jan 1-3: Sunny, very cold;

We will see.

The race will start at 2:00 PM with a 1:00 PM Skippers meeting at the dock. I will announce the race course based on the weather conditions at that time.

I think that the spirit of this race inclines us to race on the 1ST of the year. However if weather does not permit we will have a fall forward date on 01/02,01/03, or 01/04 depending on popular consent. We will only make this call from the dock.

Please be aware that we will have no safety boats or rapid response in case of emergency. I urge all of you to bring adaqute crew to operate your vessel safely. Dress warmly and stay dry. This will be a fun race with massive bragging rights and to show everyone that we do operate in all climates to promote the art of sailing. Rally your friends that want to have fun and share the stories about that time that we froze our @$$ off!!


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