Posted by: svwindward | 2015-05-29

WLSC Spring Race #3 results

2015 Spring Race #3 Results

Hello All,
WOW! What a great weekend!! The official kick off to Summer on the New Deck and Racing two days in a row!

A big thanks to Dave Gurysh and Patti for doing racing committee for the Saturday race. I know that it was a little tricky with the bad radio and dying wind. The windward leg was great and it all just contiued to fade from there. I Just want to clarify for all that we had tried to make a change in the time allowance for the race by adjusting for the increased length of the course with the addition of the Mountain mark. This was a mistake, in that we should not have tried to alter the rules during the race. It was made worse by communication that was not clear to the entire fleet. The entire race was canceled in light of the fact that the lead boat, Skip Greene, did not finish in the prescribed time of 2.5 hours. We are going to maintain this rule in spite of the longer course. I apologize to anyone who felt that we “threw the rules out the window”. No wind leads to frustration and no fun, so lets move on. ;

Sunday was much better and a huge THANK YOU goes to Ed & Sue Lockett for doing the Race committee Good job on the timing, the horns and starting a great race. From the dock the wind looked great until we all got out on the lake. When the first horns went off I thought that we were in store for another floater race with the PC class starting in little to no wind.

Then from the Island I saw a mirage of wind that just seemed to fill in the whole lake just in time for the A fleet start. Skip and Wayne got a little tied up on the start affording myself a super start. working their way up the fleet Silky took off, from behind, out pointing everyone and trucking up the lake.

I could see Billy Becker, Rob Reme, Gayle rounding the island mark ahead of all in the PC class and staying up front for the duration with the top three PC finish of Rob Reme, Gayle Mcpherson and Billy Becker, staying in breeze and pulling away from the pack. Jeff Arnfield, Clarke Lucas and Marvin Brown finished a bit further back, with Dave Hebner and Mike Farthing forming a third cluster some minutes later.

The wind held and then died around the dam mark and the fleet caught up from behind as typical on our lake, it isnt over until the horn blows with Wayne loosing all of his lead to that Watauga lake hole and the fleet coming up from behind, leaving the A Class fleet finish in the order of Skip, Tony, Wayne and David.

Thank you all for the great participation this past weekend. We have one more race to make up to finish the Spring series. The final race of the spring series is scheduled for next Saturday June 6. 1:15 PM skippers meeting and a 2:00 PM start.

See you in the wind, I hope!

Your WLSC Race Captain,

Tony C.


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