Posted by: svwindward | 2015-07-20

Another Excellent Watauga Overnight!

Last weekend doubtlessly held rewarding moments for us all.  For a select few (Mariah, Nancy Jean, Shanty II, aaaaand Windward), it included a great overnight raftup at Chupacabra Cove.  By around 7 pm Windward had dropped a couple of hooks and tied off to shore, with other boats enjoying a few last tacks before rafting up over the next hour or so.  After that?  Well – a thoroughly pleasant evening!  Swims were swum. Mojitos were quaffed. Dinners were et. Shanty II brought forth s’more fixin’s. A wee dram was imbibed, while stars were gazed. Cards were played. Yarns were spun. Simple. Fun. Relaxed. Easy.

raftup_20150718_(BC)_02(photo by Baron Cooper)

Sunday?  Yup, more of the same.  An impromptu shared brekkie of muffins, then hash browns and sausage, various departures, swimming, and some great sailing.

Is there some coherent point here? Just this: there are truly wonderful evenings to be had afloat on Watauga Lake, and it would have been great if you could have come and shared this one. You’ve done the tough part: you have a boat (or perhaps have friends with one?). Simply grabbing a picnic and a few dock lines, then hooking up for the evening solo or with friends in some not-too-far-away cove, can transform your lake experience into something quietly sublime. Sure, the lake’s open all winter, but summer’s the perfect time to lazily loll lakeside. Hope to see a few more of you out there soon – perhaps the weekend of August 1st?

Fair Winds!


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