Posted by: svwindward | 2015-08-06

“There are trolls under the bridge”

Fact?  Myth?  You probably don’t know, because you didn’t come find out!


Saturday’s “Raftup at the Edge of the World Lake” made six overnights so far this year with at least one other boat lured away from the dock. Having survived the harrowing passage below Butler Bridge with a minimum of carnage, friends rafted up for the night in a small, quiet, remote cove.  Others made a surprise appearance for an hour or so after sundown. Entertainment provided by the (almost) full moon.  On Sunday, following a hearty breakfast on a misty morning, a somewhat briefer expeditionary force found, and tested, a cool rope swing on the Watauga, then made it farther up the Elk River than ever before. River? Think creek! We were within 900 feet of the Elk Mills store, stopping and turning around when the river was less than 50 feet wide and under 4 feet deep, with large rocks visible under water stretching in from both banks. Had we realized we were that close, we would have hiked the remaining distance to get a can of pop or something. Although we did not go the long leg up toward Roan Creek we still managed about 40 miles underway.

Watauga Lake: another diem carped!


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