Posted by: svwindward | 2015-08-10

Now playing, Aug 12-14: the Perseid meteor showers!

This year the Perseid meteor showers, with up to 100 meteors per hour, graces the skies this Wednesday (Aug 12) night and Thursday (Aug 13) night.  The Perseids often generate big, “ooh!”, slow-burners that are made for movie scenes. Or for being on a sailboat anchored on Watauga Lake.  This year’s new moon, combined with (forecast) clear skies and cool temps, should make for ideal viewing conditions.

Want to know more?  Or more still? (try the links, eh?)

s/v Windward will be out one or both nights, securely anchored, its crew comfily ensconced in the cockpit with snifters in hand, quietly watching one of nature’s lovely light shows present itself.

Yes, many of us have day jobs.  Or night jobs.  Or both.  Or personal lives that don’t involve being on our boats.  Sure, it’s the middle of the week. You have other things to do. Someone needs to feed your fish. The gutters really need to be cleaned. Maybe there won’t be that many meteors. Granted. But sometimes really cool things happen at times that might not be ideal for your schedule.

Life is short, and full of stuff.  Fill some of the nooks and crannies with simple things that can still make you feel like a kid, struck with the amazing wonder of the unspoiled world around you. AND give you an excuse (you need one?) to mess about in your boat. You can be away from the dock and at anchor in less than an hour – much less if you hit up Sandy Beach or just the other side of the point by the marina. Do it. Get up early and you can probably even make it to work (or whatever else was on your docket) on time, having first enjoyed the morning mist swirling from the lake as you quaffed that first cup of coffee on the way back to the dock.  Do it.

Fair winds (and clear skies!)


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