Posted by: svwindward | 2015-08-10

Sailboats for sale (August 1 2015 edit)

From Clarke Lucas, a sailor, club founder and keeper of many things, including the Sailboats for Sail want ads:

The latest Sailboats For Sail – August 1, 2015 (edition m) listing is posted!

  • Added has been a Hunter “Cherubini” 30 that’s only been at Lakeshore a couple months.This is a well-maintained craft that includes central AC and RADAR.  Think “I could live on this thing.”
  • Robert has dropped the price to $2000 for his American 18 which includes a 4 cycle motor & trailer.
  • The US Yachts 25 and the Catalina 250 have been sold.
  • Due to his relocating, Boat Services by Paul has been removed.

If you have a boat, or etc FOR SALE, (Or an update) please let Clarke know.

Our listings have got quite long, so if you have anything listed you wish removed, let me know.

Pass our listings to anyone you might know, looking to buy a sailboat or etc

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