Posted by: svwindward | 2015-08-14

Sat Aug 22: Dam Picnic and Overnight on the Lake

No doubt you’ve looked at the Watauga Dam from the lake, but have you ever looked at the lake from the dam?  Here is your chance.  On Saturday, August 22nd we’ll have a Dam Picnic or at least a picnic on top of the dam.


In the afternoon we will set up a buoy line across the cove just upstream from the dam.  Come over in the afternoon, tie your boat to the rope, do a little socializing, and take a swim.  At 5:30 we will start ferrying everyone to the shore where it’s a short walk on an old construction road and the Appalachian Trail to the top of the dam.  If you have a dinghy, bring it, and if not we will give you a ride.  All you will need is a picnic basket, a table cloth or blanket, and your own food and drink.  (It is TVA property and a little discretion with the drink would be advisable.)  We’ll keep the buoy line up until morning for those who want to spend the night.  The club has done this several times before.  Join us, it will be fun.


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