Posted by: svwindward | 2015-12-16

Winter Sailstice Dec 19

Attention Watauga Lake sailors!

Short version:
What: Informal Winter Sailstice BYOE (BYO everything) raftup
Where: Watauga Lake, precise coordinates TBD
Date: Sat 19 Dec 2015
Action: RSVP windward (at) if interested


Rather more expansive and effusive version:

Aaargh, ye scurvy scallywags!
Ye’ve doubtless ‘eard of Summer Sailstice (only 186 more sailing days away, whence the statistically sultry summer season ensues). Ye may e’en have come out and rafted up for one. Avast, matey: that’s just half the picture!

Winter Solstice. The shortest day, and longest night, of the year. The coming of winter. The promise of brighter days to come. The celestial basis for an awful lot of things that seem to fall right around that date. December 21st at about 11:48 PM ET, if you want to be picky. And, inconveniently, on a Monday this year.

Enter the Winter Sailstice (TM pending): S/V Windward and her crew will be anchored somewhere on Watauga on Saturday, December 19. Come join us and celebrate the coming of winter on almost the correct day, rafted up on the lake, rocking gently in the evening breeze, gazing at stars and pondering the meaning of whatever puzzles you, without having to get up wildly early or being late for work on Monday.

Is this a WLSC event? Um…. I AM the Cruise Captain! Bwaahahahaha! Sure, why not? Members are welcome. Not a member? You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do you feel like Windward’s crew is likely to repel boarders and fire flares upon glimpsing your foul, flotsammy carcass, or are you basically OK? If the latter, you’re welcome too. Holiday spirit and all that. If your carcass really IS foul and flotsammy? Riiiiiiight. There’s that whole “flares” scenario.

Yeah, yeah: people are somehow busy this time of year. It’s dark early (see: Solstice). There are holidays to plan for (see: Solstice). It’s forecast to be colder than a witches tiller abaft a brass binnacle. Belay that: you need a break, you’ve got a sleeping bag, and Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is just a trip to Brown’s or Tractor Supply away. You already have the boat. C’mon. We’ll sound the ceremonial conch come sundown and everything. If we hear from a few of you we may even consider a campfire on a nearby beach. Pagan festival and all that.

Yes? Maybe? Hail windward (at) in the next day or so, all RSVP-like. If you show up unannounced (or last-minute VHF 16), will we turn you away? (See: Bwaahahahaha!) Probably not, but we’d like to pick a location that can easily accommodate us all (us both?) in secure fashion. And how aaaargh ya gonna find us if you don’t know where we are (because it’s not ALWAYS 36° 19.744’N x 82° 3.800’W, right)?

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