Posted by: svwindward | 2016-03-28

Raftup Saturday Apr 2

Yarr, ye sea lake dogs!  Following the Saturday, April 2, race start practice, Windward will host a raftup somewhere on Watauga Lake.  If you are coming to the racing start practice (10 AM, right?),  why not stay and make a weekend of it?  If you aren’t  going to practice race starts, sleep in a bit and come out in the afternoon.

This is a BYOE (bring your own everything – dinner, a wee beverage, breakfast, sleeping gear, a couple of fenders and 4 or five dock lines) event, although Windward will probably handle the anchors or tie-offs. Location will depend upon who shows up, the weather, and the whim of Windward’s skipper and crew.  As usual, hail on VHF 16, working VHF 68.

Want to make a really full weekend of it? The State Line Drive-in is showing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on Friday night ($2 kids, $6 age 12+, cash only).  Hit the movie, head out to your boat afterwards and spend the night at the dock, practice some race starts in the morning, sail around in the afternoon and end up anchored some excellent place for Saturday night.  Mischief managed!

Questions? Drop windward (at) an email, or call yer humble Cruise Captain at 423 647 2671


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