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Commodore’s Challenge 2018

Note:  This event has been replaced by the “Lakeshore Round the Island Challenge.”  See details at:

Lakeshore Round the Island Challenge Link

Hello Watauga Lake Sailors!

The 2018 edition of the Past Commodores Challenge is in honor of Jack Crowder, who served as the WLSC Commodore in 1989.

Notice of Race: Jack Crowder Past Commodore’s Challenge(JCPCC).

Details: This is a self-timed and self-reported race.  Any day, anytime, any boat, any skipper, any crew, any sail configuration, race as many times as you like!  Times must be recorded to the second.  Engine must be off when boat crosses the buoy line.

Course: Starting from the buoy line at Lake Shore Marina down around the island, skippers’ choice as to rounding direction, and back to the buoy line.

Dates of JCPCC: February 1 ,2018 to November 1, 2018

Time of race: Any time.

Submitting an entry:  After completing the course please email the Race Captain the following information. (Multiple runs can be submitted in one email.)

Subject: JCPCC Time
Elapsed Time: Hours/Minutes/Seconds
Other details of the run:

Scoring: PHRF Time on Distance will be used to calculated corrected finish times.  Leader board will be posted on the website. (link will be sent out when results are submitted)

This would be a good chance to try out other boats, sail with different skippers and crews, pick up sail trim tips, and helming tips.

Reminder: it is each skipper’s own decision whether to participate or not.  Skippers should take into consideration; anticipated conditions, capabilities of boat and crew, skippers own skill and comfort level and any other considerations that the skipper deems pertinent to determine whether to participate in the JCPCC and/or to continue racing in the JCPCC once race/run has started.

The Race Captain encourages skippers and crew to wear life jackets.

Useful Links:
Captain’s Table Web cam:

Weather and wind:

Sam Shafer
Race Captain

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