Posted by: svwindward | 2016-03-30

WLSC Spring Race Series begins Sat Apr 9

Ahoy WLSC Racers!

First, a reminder of Race Starting “Practice” to be held Saturday, April 2.  Meet on the sailboat docks of Lakeshore Marina at 10:00am.  Be prepared for brisk winds (9-18 mph) currently forecasted for this Saturday.

The 2016 WLSC Spring Race Series is just 10 days away with the 1st race day planned as follows:

Saturday April 9th

  • Racing Rules Clinic:  10am – 11am, on the deck below the bathhouse.
  • Pre-race Skipper’s meeting:  1:00pm, on the docks
  • First horn for the Race:  2:00pm

This year we will have 3 classes of racers:

  • A-Racers (Class 1)  – for seasoned, competitive racers of racing design boats and racer/cruiser boats
  • PC Racers (Class 2) – for those who have actively raced in the original PC Class, mostly racer/cruiser boats
  • PC Racers (Class 3) – for those relatively new to WLSC racing, mostly cruiser/daysailer boats without spinnakers

Racing on Watauga Lake is a lot of fun and it accelerates improvement of your sailing skills.  The Race Series is open to all WLSC club members, so come out April 9 and give racing a try.  It would be great if new racers could contact me by April 4 so we could get your boat configuration info and place you into an appropriate racing class.  See my contact info below.

If you are interested in only crewing on a boat, you can contact me or just show up at the Skipper’s meeting at 1pm on race day and we will find a boat for you to crew on.

The Spring Race Series schedule is as follows:

  • 1st Race:  Saturday, April 9
  • 2nd Race: Saturday, April 23
  • 3rd Race:  Saturday, May 7
  • 4th Race:  Sunday, May 22
  • All races start at 2pm, with a Skipper’s meeting at 1pm

See you on Saturday April 9th at the first race!

Dave Gurysh
WLSC Race Captain
cell: (336) 404-1331

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